The New PTSD Treatment: Marijuana.

The federal government has recently signed off on approving study and research for using marijuana as a treatment for veterans that deal with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. This decision has marijuana advocates surprised, yet glad. The study to be conducted will monitor how 50 veterans that suffer from PTSD react to vaporized marijuana. This study will research different potencies of the plant.

This decision made by the Department of Health and Human Services has many wondering how this will shift other drug policies in America. For years marijuana has been illegal and punished with harsh criminal penalties. If the studies are shown as successful then this could lead to a more lenient view on the drug, especially where medical use is concerned.

The New PTSD Treatment: Marijuana.Stats

Studies show that 11% to 20% of veterans of the Iraqi/Afghanistan wars suffer from PTSD. Those who suffer from PTSD deal with high feelings of anxiety, stress and depression which can lead to sleep loss as well as other medical conditions. Apart from the vast number of veterans that suffer from PTSD, it is estimated that approximately 7.7 million adults suffer from the disorder as well. Could this lead to an over the counter marijuana drug in the future?

Although there has been little research conducted, it is believed that marijuana can help to calm certain parts of the brain that cause anxiety and stress.


Colorado recently legalized the substance marijuana for recreational use. This has many other states questioning and pushing for legalization nationally.

The state of Colorado has done very well financially speaking since the legalization of the substance. This is also another reason that many are questioning if it is time to legalize the relatively harmless drug.


Those who advocate for keeping the drug labeled as an illegal substance are concerned that if marijuana is legalized then other drugs might be legalized and that could lead to a destructive society. Others are also concerned that the legalization of marijuana could lead to more traffic accidents and as a result lead to more deaths.

California has, to an extent, legalized the medical use of medical marijuana but you don’t see Orange County rehabs overflowing with patients addicted to marijuana, it is usually alcohol related addiction and eating disorders.

The concerns mentioned above are valid, but what about alcohol? Alcohol is more destructive than marijuana in every sense but it is legal. We tried outlawing at one point but it didn’t work just like the drug war isn’t working. If marijuana was legalized can you imagine how the drug cartels would fall and go bankrupt? Many lives would be saved due to a non-existent cartel and Mexico would be a much safer neighbor to America.

I think it is important that the issue of the legalization of marijuana is discussed and each side of the argument heard. Everyone’s opinion matters concerning such things and I think we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t listen to those that disagree with us.






By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a veteran and entrepreneur from Texas. Henry owns his own digital marketing company and runs the marketing campaign for a rehab in Orange County You can connect with Henry on Google+.

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