The Future Of Beauty And Laser Treatments.

With the advent of modern technology, the scope and capability of anti-aging, skin care and facial aesthetic treatments have gone up to levels that were once thought impossible.

Because of these advancements, more and more qualified cosmetic surgeons and beauticians are setting up shop and offering the very best in terms of skills, expertise and service; resulting in more women as well as men having easier access to the latest and greatest anti-aging and skin treatments that money can buy.

With cutting edge technology teamed up with highly skilled beauty specialists, clients can look forward to long lasting and significant cosmetic effects. Here’s an overview of what clients can now expect in anti-aging, skin care and facial aesthetic treatment.

Laser Treatment

Want to remove unwanted pigmentation, vessels or hair and improve the appearance of your skin? Laser treatment can do all those and more. People with a penchant for finer, younger looking skin can now choose from a wide array of laser treatments, including ProWave Laser Hair Removal, Limelight Facial and Medical Grade Laser Genesis.

ProWave Hair Removal Laser System guarantees quick and safe hair removal for permanent hair reduction. Limelight Facial helps improve skin tone by minimising surface imperfections caused by ageing and photo damage. Meanwhile, Medical Grade Genesis has the ability to remove unwanted hair and can be combined with other facial treatments for a more radiant and longer lasting glow.

The Future Of Beauty And Laser Treatments.

Wrinkle treatment

Dreading the crinkles and creases that come with the first signs of aging? Don’t! Stress only makes wrinkles worse. But how can you remedy the ones you’ve got?

Many of us may be losing the wrinkle battle but with the help of the Genesis laser, you can get the upper hand. Genesis laser treatment safely reduces skin problems such as signs of aging, sun damage, redness, large pores, uneven texture and fine lines.

Stimulating the skin’s healing and collagen production underneath the skin without damaging the surface, Genesis laser is non-invasive and safely enhances skin’s luminosity – your skin will appear plumper, fresher and enhanced. Enjoy healthy, smoother skin with refined tone and texture and worry less about unwanted side effects such as bruising, peeling or excessive skin irritations.

Lip Enhancement

The lip has an extremely thin outer layer of skin which can become increasingly thinner over the course of time. The corners of the mouth can begin to droop, the shaped area of the upper lip known as the Cupid’s bow begins to flatten out thus losing the appearance of full lips & volume.

All environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and stress can all lead to the formation of lip wrinkles. Lip lines & wrinkles can also begin to appear due to lip muscle movement. With injectable dermal fillers, you can worry less about lip ageing. Dermal fillers can effectively improve lip volume, contour and definition.

So whether you’re looking for wrinkle treatments, lip enhancement or a laser treatment that can greatly improve the quality of your skin, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting nothing but the best and the latest in skin care technology.


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