The Benefits Of Water Ionizers.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water where the brain and heart command approximately 73% of that water and the lungs consist of about 83%. Needless to say, human beings need water to survive – many of our essential organs rely on water content for functionality. Luckily, almost everything we consume has water as a base and consists of some H20 content. But is that enough?


Men should be consuming roughly 13 cups of water a day while females should be taking in about 9 cups of total water a day.


With these numbers, it’s important to point out that the quality of the water is important. A pH of 7 is neutral for water, which means that the substance is neither acidic nor basic. Many fitness water products claim to produce a +1 pH, making the water alkaline and more conducive for drinking. Ideally, water should be around 8 and 9.5 to produce the best quality and reap the optimal benefits of hydration.

Water ionizers are great products that produce high quality alkaline water for consumption – these products maximize one’s ability to fight off microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses within the body.

What is a Water Ionizer and What Does it Do For You?

 A water ionizer is an appliance that ionizes water to produce beneficial antioxidants and anti-aging agents that can prevent diseases and slow accelerated toxin growth. Although there are no scientific evidence linking ionized water to human health benefits, people around the U.S. are finding benefits in ionized water consumption. When neutral water is passed through the appliance, electrolysis separates the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen due to an electric current. This process helps to make the water alkaline and increase the pH level.

One of greatest benefits of alkaline water is the effectiveness in fighting bacterial organisms. electrolyzed water has been used by the food industry to sanitize food products after picking. This successful usage can also be transferred into the body, allowing people to fight bacterial, viral, and other infections.

The Benefits Of Water Ionizers.Here are some more benefits of water ionizers:


Ionized water helps to detoxify the body

Toxins are the number one cause of aging and declined immune system response. History has shown in third-world countries that dirty water carries diseases, bacterial, and viral organisms. The higher the pH level of water, the lower the risk of these organisms existing within the water supply. Ionizers produce water that helps detoxify your body by removing normal acidic waste accumulated through poor diet, pollution, and stress. By drinking alkaline water daily, a person can neutralize the acidity within the body and wash waste products from essential cells and tissues.

Hydration on steroids

We all know that water hydrates the body and is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Drinking neutral water will hydrate the body if a person consumes the recommended amount in a 24 hour period. On the contrary, ionized water forms water molecules into micro-clusters that are easily absorbed at the cellular level. By ionizing your H2O, you’re able to benefit from maximum hydration because the filtration process within your cells becomes more efficient.

Helping your immune system

The body’s immune system has a tough job every day and there’s no reason to make it harder. Ionized water enhances your immune system response and maximizes your body’s ability to fight off disease.. Alkalizing your body’s pH, which is an essential function of water ionizers, will balance your body’s pH that naturally becomes more acidic due to high acid foods, stress, and environmental toxins. If you have ever felt acid reflux than you know what is it like to experience high levels of acidic pressure within the stomach. Imagine the same acidic response throughout your entire body. Balancing pH levels is vital to physical and mental energy, lower stress, and immune response.




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