Teaching A Healthier Lifestyle Through Nature

Living a healthier lifestyle is important to many people, and when you do it the right way you can also be helping the environment be healthier. Teach your family how to live healthier off the land and you’ll give them something that will help them through their lifetime. This includes things like learning to garden and fish and even the art of hunting.

By teaching your family, and learning yourself, to use nature more for your health and wellness, you can learn how to save money on food and more. Here are some great ways that you can get healthy with nature.

Hunting And Fishing

Hunting and fishing are great ways to get food, at a discounted cost. Yes, you need to buy the equipment, and the licenses, but the money you’ll save when you spend time hunting and fishing, on meat, can save you a good deal. Plus, wild game of any kind is far healthier than farm raised meats of most kinds.

Not only is hunting a great way to get food, it also helps with nature conservation. You, as a hunter, help keep game animal herds under control. That means less population to end up causing car wrecks.

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Foraging is a great way to get food from nature that grows in the wild. There are plenty of edible foods in the wild, even wild raspberry bushes. When it comes to foraging it is important that you know what foods can be eaten and which ones may be poisonous. There are plenty of books on the subject.

Not only can you used plants and herbs from the wild for food, but many also offer up healing properties. Garlic is an antiseptic, chamomile flowers cans ooth stomach aches, and many wild herbs can be used as poultices for pains and more.


You don’t have to have a large yard in order to grow a garden. You can do container gardening on a small porch. You can also do some gardening indoors. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to save money on groceries.

If you want to put in a solid grow house and purchase the right equipment, you can even grow the stuff all year round. Pick the fruits and vegetables that your family likes, and take the time to read suggestions on how to plant and care for them to ensure you get a good crop.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use nature for a healthier lifestyle. Growing your own food, and eating things direct from nature, are great ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Plus your garden will help the air and the soil!

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