Tattoo Ink Sets: Helpful Tips on Finding the Right One for Beginners

Learn some helpful tips on finding the right tattoo ink sets.

If you want to break into the fun world of tattooing, you will first need to get your hands on the right supplies. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of starter tattoo ink sets and gear kits that you can easily find online. These kits typically include: ink caps, gloves, several inks, a needle set, tubes, pipes, a power supply and a tattoo machine. Tattoo ink sets can either come with just a set of distinct inks, or can include all of the aforementioned items.

When shopping for tattoo ink sets, you may just want to call the provider that you are interested in doing business with. If you explain to them that you are looking for a new supplier and that you plan on doing a lot of business with them, you can generally find out what special deals are being offered. Some providers offer a wider range of ink options, with all the accessories and tools that you will need. It is important to shop around between providers, because this is the only way that you can find the best deals and the most options.

Tattoo Ink Sets Helpful Tips on Finding the Right One for

 Organic Ink

A newer fad in the tattooing realm are organic inks. You will, of course, pay a higher premium price for these quality inks. Look for inks that are certified organic. These inks cost more because their constituents are free from any harmful toxins and the purification process is rather stringent.

What’s more, organic inks tend to stay longer and are brighter for many years after injection. They are made from the more bio-compatible compounds. This means that they naturally interact with the body’s biochemistry. When this happens, the body does not flush them out as quickly, which can result in fading and spotting.


Don’t be frugal about the tattoo ink sets that you buy. Quality ink is always worth it in the long run. As a tattoo artist, you make your bread and butter off referrals and happy customers. When you spend a bit more to get the finest quality ink, the finished project will look all that much more refined.

Spending more on ink just means that you are investing in repeat business. Happy customers tell lots of other people about how amazing your services are. Sheen, color-rich and beautifully thick ink will turn heads wherever your clients happen to be. This results in a steady stream inbound referrals that can ultimately become your new clients.

When it comes to ink, more money spend usually means a far superior product. While such is not the same in other industries, it’s the one tried and true nomenclature of tattooing: the ink makes you or breaks you.

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