Tasty Natural Remedies.

Pharmaceutical drugs are often expensive and may have unwanted side effects. Also, they sometimes taste awful. Certain natural remedies, however, are affordable, safe, and – best of all – tasty!

Manuka Honey

Tasty Natural Remedies.

The Manuka tree, sometimes also referred to as the tea tree, is found most commonly in New Zealand and also in Australia. Honey and sap from the tree contains methylglyoxal, a phenolic compound that gives it antibacterial properties. It’s also suspected that this tree’s honey, which is said to have a rich, florid and slightly earthy flavour, may make the body resistant to the superbug Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is otherwise highly resistant to many forms of pharmaceutical treatment.

Lemon Ginger Tea

Tasty Natural Remedies.

One teaspoon of ginger contains the same amount of anti-oxidizing power as a whole cup of spinach. The ginger root is also known for its use in treating digestive issues and reducing pain caused by inflammation. Lemon has high levels of vitamin C and is often used to soothe sore throats. Combine a pinch of ginger with a lemon quarter, leave the mixture to steep in a cup of boiled water for 5 minutes and enjoy its healing and soothing effects, as well as its fresh, zesty and sweet flavour.

Buchu Water

Tasty Natural Remedies.

All-natural buchu water is a sugar-free beverage that contains naturally occurring antioxidants, bioflavonoids and vitamins, thanks to the oil of the miraculous Buchu leaf. Buchu is a herb indigenous to the Western Cape of South Africa, and is part of the Cape’s unique floral kingdom, Fynbos. It contains vitamins A, B and E, and the powerful antioxidants quercitin, hesperidin, rutin, diosphenol and diosmin.

Red Peppers

Tasty Natural Remedies.

It may come as a surprise, but a red pepper contains as much as three times the vitamin C content of the average orange. It also contains the antioxidant lycopene and carotene. The carotene level in red pepper is up to nine times higher than in green or even yellow pepper, so when choosing between the variety of bell peppers at the grocery store, always opt for red! They’re the tastiest and also the sweetest. Try red pepper as a freshly sliced snack with a dip such as plain yoghurt or hummus, or stuffed with a filling, topped with cheese and grilled.

Bouquet Garni

Tasty Natural Remedies.

A bouquet garni is a small tied bunch of herbs, most often including parsley, rosemary and thyme. It may also contain bay leaf and basil. It’s used mostly in French cuisine to flavour soups, stews and broths, and is taken out of a dish before it’s served, leaving only its flavours – and health benefits – behind. Rosemary is known to help in reducing inflammation, while thyme has been shown to combat respiratory problems.


Tasty Natural Remedies.

Research indicates that cinnamon, which is rich in polyphenols, acts like a kind of insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels. Cinnamon can be added to a variety of dishes and drinks to enhance flavour. Try mixing a teaspoon into your coffee or sprinkle some on cereal or even on a peanut butter and jam sandwich, for extra flavour.

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