Tasting Japanese Cuisine Far Away from Japan

There are various reasons to go for a trip. A traveler might have business matters or family matters to be properly handled. A traveler might just want to have some fun during the trip by visiting fun places or tasting a variety of foods. Culinary tourists will certainly love to tour around the food courts, cafes, or restaurants in search for great foods to be eaten. Jakarta is an example of a city where great foods can be found. It’s not about the street foods that can be found easily nearby the roads. It’s about food served in better environment. What about trying to find the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta?

 Being far away from Japan, a lot of people will not think about tasting Japanese foods. But Jakarta is a huge metropolitan city and there will be tons of tasty treats to be tried including the variety of Japanese foods. Granted, searching for the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta won’t be something easy although finding the restaurants won’t be too difficult to be done. There are a lot of restaurants and a traveler might not be able to visit all of them at during the time of their visit to Jakarta.

IPPUDO-2 Deciding What Restaurants to Be Visited

 Because of the number of Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, it will be wise to pick just some of them to be visited during the visit to Jakarta. Maybe traveler can also just visit one best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta instead of visiting several of them. Now, this is the difficult part. How can the best restaurant chosen? Well, for the people who come from outside of Jakarta, they can ask for recommendations from the locals. Certainly, there will be a lot of people who will help in giving recommendation for the best places to be visited. There is also an option to seek for recommendation from websites offering restaurant reviews.

 Japanese food has been very popular in Indonesia. Here in Jakarta, there are many restaurants serving Japanese food. It is ranging from fine restaurant to street food booth. When you are looking for Japanese food, you need to determine whether you are looking for Japanese authentic food or Japanese fusion food. The term of Japanese restaurants is more suitably referring to Japanese restaurants serving authentic Japanese food. Some Japanese restaurants are offering varieties of Japanese foods while some other restaurants are focusing on certain types of Japanese food such as sushi restaurants or ramen restaurants.

 When the recommendations are finally received, take a look at them properly and make note on the location of each recommended best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Try to check on the plan of the trip and include the restaurant intended to be visited. Don’t be too stubborn to include all restaurants that felt to be interesting. Try to be more rational in choosing and give room to the traditional Indonesia cuisine. The culinary adventure in Jakarta can last for log time considering how Jakarta is huge and offering lot of things to be tasted by the visitors.

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