Tarot Reading – Things to Know

If you are still unsure as to what tarot reading is, here is a look at how it works. One of the most popular ways as to how a tarot reader reads your cards is by having a 5 card spread. The 5-card spread allows you the tarot reader to know various aspects of your life including your past, your problems and your future. If you have a particular problem or issue you are dealing with in life, and would want to know how to progress hereon, this is the card spread that is used most often. Here is a look at how it works.

Choosing the cards

The tarot reader will shuffle the cards from the tarot card pack and lay them in front of you, back sided. So, you will not be able to know what cards are in front of you. You need to choose your five cards randomly. You will need to pick them one by one and should go by your instincts.

Card 1

The first card that you will pick up will tell the tarot reader as to what is bugging you. So, if your question was what’s going wrong in your career, this card might be able to give you a better answer.

Tarot_Cards_and_Shark_Skin_BoxCard 2

The second card will tell the reader more about you. The tarot reader will know why you are doing what you are and what are the forces in life that drives you. The reader will also know about your life’s general ambitions and your motivations.

Card 3

The third card that you pick up will tell the reader more about your fears. What are you wary about in your career? Do you fear losing the job or do you fear not getting a promotion? Are you worried about not pleasing the boss or not getting a good job that you would like? The card tells you about these problems and what you need to do to clear them away. Many of your fears can be just subconscious blocks that you need to fight with.

Card 4

Not always do we realize what we need. And not often do all things can be seen just as easily. So, is there something that you need to focus on but aren’t? Is there something that you need to fully perceive but cant yet? Gaining the right perspective will allow you to focus on the right areas in life to counter your problems and head towards success.

Card 5

The last card tells you all that you need to know about how you need to progress from the present situation. It tells you how to best use your position and how to proceed from hereon. A good tarot reader will be able to make the perfect sense of things and give you the perfect advice you need.

You don’t really need to spend a lot on tarot card readings. You can get a free tarot card reading done as well. Know more about your future and understand your strengths and weaknesses to combat your life’s problems more effectively. After all, the more prepared you are, the better you can fight what’s to come, isn’t it?


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