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If You Lose Your Smartphone: 3 Most Important Safety steps to Do.

We have grown so dependent on having the world in the palm of our hands these days that most of us flinch at the mere idea of separation from our mobile devices. Board meetings and plane flights seem to last an eternity without our beloved Smartphones. The thought of losing an iPhone, even for an hour or two, causes most of us to react with horror. Although the world might not exactly come to an end if you do misplace your Smartphone, the consequences could be quite dire. The ramifications of a lost or stolen phone run deeper than that momentary feeling of boredom when you cannot access your Twitter feed. You could actually end up with identity theft problems or with the real issue of having a stranger gain access to your personal pictures, emails, and records. We offer a handy list of things to do (besides panic) if your phone ever goes missing. Read More »

Mobile Security 101: How To Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe and Secure.

It is truly incredible how essential smartphones and mobile devices have become in our daily lives, within just the last decade or so. From taking photos, sending emails, playing games, they are like mini-computers. And today, smartphones are so advanced that making phone calls is a forgettable feature in some cases, compared to millions of mobile apps available to download and the computer-like behavior that is now possible on a mobile device. But with all of these advances in mobile development, allowing us to share, connect, communicate, research, and more, also comes security implications that rival any of those you could find on a desktop computer because of how closely we hold our mobile devices and how much personal information they typically hold. Read More »

Looking Forward for the New Apple iPhone 5 Features; Iphone 5 Release

A little over one week to go until the all new iPhone 5 is unveiled officially by Apple at the media event they have scheduled for September 12th and rumors are flying around faster than ever. What exactly is the new iPhone 5 going to have in store for us? It’s a very exciting time for any Apple fans. So far we know quite a bit about the new device, including quite a bit about how the new device looks and stacks up compared to the previous iPhone model – the iPhone 4S. In fact, we have a nice video which shows the new iPhone alongside the iPhone 4S so you can compare the two visually, side-by-side. Take a few minutes to watch the video below and get an idea of what the new iPhone is going to look like compared to the iPhone 4S from last year. Read More »

Airline Travel Tips When Travelling With Your Gadget Devices.

While there have been several problematic incidents involving laptops and smartphones during flights, neither of the devices are actually forbidden on a plane. In fact, if you were to check out the TSA website, you will see that some airlines even offer free WiFi for their passengers. Take the businessmen who need to carry a laptop and smartphone with them at all times for example, are they going to send their laptops by train, bus or car in advance when they have to attend a meeting in another city? Of course not! However, there are some noteworthy differences on what an executive can expect from the Internet connection on a commercial flight compared to the one in private jet charters. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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