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Excessive Caffeine ? Both Negative and Positive Health Side Effects.

Warning; excessive caffeine consumption is affecting your body negatively! Things like the jitters and insomnia are pretty commonly known when talking about excessive caffeine consumption, but there are some other side effects that you might be less familiar with. Caffeine has seriously negative side effects! (But also positive ones, too!)The way caffeine works is by blocking adenosine. If you haven’t heard of adenosine, don’t worry. The only thing you have to know about it is that it’s the chemical that tells your body when it’s tired and it needs rest. By blocking it, caffeine gives you that familiar burst of energy for up to a couple of hours after drinking it. However, blocking adenosine long-term is not good. It can lead to some pretty bad side effects Read More »

Cosmetic Beauty Products Health Side Effects. Why You Should Avoid.

Beauty seems to be the most sought after want/need of the human race. Apparently, everyone is in search of something beautiful; a beautiful life, soul, partner, house, car, child or skin, the list is endless. What do you think beauty is? How deep would you dig to feel beautiful? Before using these products, have you considered the health implications, effects on you and your lifestyle, their advantages and disadvantages? Read More »

Herbal Cures and Supplements; Pro’s and Con’s of Natural Medication.

Practiced in various parts of the world, herbal medication does fulfill its purposes effectively. It also can challenge your health. Whether physical, mental or other susceptible conditions, mixtures of the medication do posses potent nutrients that are reliable as they are in their raw formulae. Plant based nutrients are always a favorite of the body’s digestive system. Read More »

Sugar Side Effects:8 Toxic Health Why’s You Should Stop Taking Sugar.

Even though sugar is that necessary in your body, you need to realize that it is not all types of sugars. Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrates. Sugar, like water, plays the bigger role in your metabolic processes. Sugar contributes to obesity and weight disorders. It increases the risk of diabetes type 2. Also, sugar triggers cancerous cells to rapidly mutate. Read More »

Surgical Procedures; The Risk Factors and Surgery Side Effects.

Placing a patient under knife to correct a health problem; surgery, is one of the most successful solutions and riskiest too. Just like transplants, there are types/categories of surgery. Depending on the intensity of the procedure, the recovery time or the body part being operated on, a surgery is categorized. There are severities you risk in going through the procedure. Read More »

Tattoos: The Health Risks and Side Effects and Removal of Body Art.

Tattooing has several health risks that may affect you. Using ink, made from soluble minerals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, the skin is pierced using needles according to the design/portrait/image you choose to embed on it. With every tattoo being of different size, shape and detail, the method of removal varies. Read More »

Types and Causes of Urine Colour and Odour as Health Indicator

Mainly containing water and soluble waste compounds, urine is an excretory product of the body’s metabolic processes. Urine colour manifests whatever state of health your body is in. Categorized as either normal or abnormal, the urine you excrete could be of different colourations. Healthy urine is straw, light yellow in colour and has a light odour, a slight stench of ammonia. Causes of the different colours in urine... Read More »

Blood Donation Health Benefits and Positive Side Effects.

Being the most essential fluid in the body, blood does more than transport life in you. On average, an adult has a blood-body ratio of about one-eleventh of their body weight. This translates to about 5 litres averagely. Blood is the fuel of the body. A universal life agent, blood can be easily shared, rather, donated to help save a fading life effectively. You should consider donating blood more often. Here is why... Read More »

Beer and Wine Health Benefits; Consumption Side Effects to Your Body.

Alcoholic substances, rather beer and wine, supplies your body averagely seven calories per every gram you consume. How this benefits you depends on several factors, one being how much alcohol you consume. Too much of beer or wine and you become mentally impaired, your physical performance is greatly compromised and you are more susceptible to various lifestyle diseases. The twist in alcohol consumption is that in both extremes, your health looses rather than benefit. Read More »

Balanced Dietary Program; Healthy Eating Plans and Diet Side Effects.

Take a minute and think about your choices when it comes to food/diet. You might be filling yourself with conditions that keep affecting your health. The key essence in maintaining your health is not only taking a balanced diet but also in its timing and moderation. The average person eats whether hungry or not. Actually, the main challenge is that eating is now more of a reflex action. In every opportune time; breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, dinner, while watching TV, it just happens. This is simply a case of over eating or under eating. It not only overwhelms your digestive system but also enervates the body. Read More »

Common Table Salt Side Effects Health of Sodium Chloride.

There is no point, especially from a health perspective, to consume what you cannot digest. Salt is not digested therefore it cannot be utilized by the body. The type of salt commonly consumed; inorganic salt sodium chloride contains no nutrients. Since the stomach cannot assimilate inorganic salt, it is apparent that it is toxic for your health. Salt, made up of 40% sodium and 60% chloride, is only dissolved in the stomach’s acid. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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