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Habitual Tardiness: Causes And Consequences.

Habitual Tardiness Causes And Consequences

Whether it's for work or school, an appointment to the dentist or even showing up for a date, some people can never be there at the scheduled time. It's a chronic disease that afflicts them, no matter how important the event is. Psychologists have studied this phenomenon but there are no conclusive reasons. At best, they have come up with hypotheses and theories. If you know of someone who always arrives late, or worse, if you're one yourself, learn from this article: Read More »

Top Gift Ideas For Girls Under 8.

As a parent it can be rather difficult to know exactly what a girl under age of 8 wants for a birthday present as well as there being other aspects to consider such as always buying the same type of present each year and getting stuck in a form of present buying rut. Well this article is here to help and guide you towards the ideal birthday gift for a girl under 8 years old. Read More »

How Alcohol Affects Business: The Trouble Of Drinking With Coworkers.

Drinking alcohol socially is often an expected part of the business world, but this can lead to some issues if you fail to stop before you begin to feel intoxicated. On the other hand, if you are able to handle your liquor responsibly, the socialization that accompanies going out with co-workers for a drink can often bring a team closer together. Although some companies frown on fraternization, it is common for co-workers and even supervisors to go out for a drink either after work or to celebrate a special occasion. Read More »

7 Ways to Simplify the Holiday:Tips to Make Holiday Season Less Hectic.

For some, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is part of the magic. For others, it’s what makes this time of year stressful. No matter which camp you find yourself in, you can reap the benefits of simplification with these tips on making the season a little less hectic. After all, you should be able to enjoy this time of year as much as everyone else. Make these techniques part of every holiday season so you can do just that. Read More »

How to Plan an Anniversary Celebration that Includes the Kids.

A couple of years ago because our wedding anniversary fell in the middle of a family vacation, my wife and I made the decision to include our three children in our plans to celebrate the big day. While there were some friends and family members who frowned on our decision, we brushed off their remarks. When it comes to parenting ... Read More »

Tips on How to Get a Date at a Cooperate Party or any Social Function.

There are many reasons we attend parties and functions. Often, let’s be honest, it’s because we have to and we don’t have any choice in the matter. For instance you might well find yourself being required to go to a launch party or a corporate event being hosted by your office and this isn’t something you can decide to just back out of. Then there’s the sense of obligation we might feel to a friend throwing a birthday party, and the amount of trouble you’d be in if you didn’t go to your parent’s silver anniversary. Read More »

Planning a Kids Birthday Party ? Searching for a Goody Gift Bag Idea?

As we get older, we sometimes don't look forward to our birthdays. However, for a child, a birthday celebration is something that often anticipated for months in advance. Take care of guests and let them know that their presence is appreciated by giving out goody bags. Read More »

Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment; Music and Band.

Even for the most laid back personality types, planning a wedding can be stressful. Even if you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t lose perspective, it’s still easy to fall into the trappings of wedding planning hell. Despite your best efforts, it’s inevitable that some element of the wedding planning is going to make you want to pull all your hair out. Many couples think choosing the wedding entertainment or DJ is going to be the easiest part of planning the wedding. They think it will be as easy as answering the question, “What’s your favourite type of music?” Read More »

The Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party – 4 Ideas To Blow Them Off Their Feet.

Whenever the birthday of a partner or close friend is just around the corner, most of us start brainstorming for an ingenious way to spend that special day. Sure, you can take that person for a nice dinner at his/her favorite restaurant. But you have to admit, the dinner is not nearly as fun as throwing your friend or loved one a surprise birthday party. Considering that not everyone enjoys surprises, you need to make sure that the other person is not part of this category. However, in my opinion, even in this case you can still surprise him by inviting old friends or former colleagues he hasn't seen in a while. I have to admit that I have yet to meet a single person who hates surprise birthday parties. If this is also the case for your friend or loved one, then here are four suggestions to help you make the birthday a day he will always remember. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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