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4 Big Money Mistakes To Avoid When You Eat Out.

Eating out can be expensive if you're not careful. Whether you're dining at an upscale restaurant or your local chain, you can save money if you follow certain tips. Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when eating out. Read More »

Who Says Money Can’t Buy You Love?

The Beatles did famously sing that money can’t buy you love and it is true that most partners will not be bribed. However, a relationship does not come cheap, as those fellows at Rate Supermarket have calculated. They have calculated the costs of dates, from cheap to more expensive ones, short breaks and holidays, engagement party and ring as well as a wedding and come up with a figure, a very precise figure. They say that it will cost an average $43,842.08. This is based on a one year romance plus one year courtship and then a wedding at an average cost. This can be a pretty scary figure to look at. Read More »

Lunchtime Saving: Bring Your Own Lunch And Count The Savings.

We don’t always put as much thought into our lunch as we should. The temptation to go out and simply buy some pre-packed sandwiches in some store’s ever-attractive meal deal, or even visit a fast food restaurant on our lunch break can be overwhelming. Many people like to get out purchasing their lunch merely as a means of getting out of the office, but just because you want to take in some fresh air and a change of environment does not mean you need to splash the cash you can ill afford. Preparing your own lunch can save significant amounts of money in the long run. When you consider how much money is spent on one lunch when eating out and compare it to preparing a lunch to bring in from home, the benefits are obvious; it is even possible to prepare a week’s worth of lunch from the budget of one day eating out. Read More »

Don’t Talk To Me About Life And Money.

It’s easy to save money. All you have to do is not go out, buy cheaper food, turn the heating down and sit in the dark. The trouble is you will lose all your friends, be bored, become hungry and freeze to death. The key is to save money but still maintain a decent quality of life. Let’s have a look at how you can do that. Read More »

Children Save Money Better Than Adults.

Sadly, many children are better at saving money than fully-grown adults. That may be because they are better at following instructions than adults are at making decisions. When you tell a child to save for something and show them how they can have enough money to make a large purchase, you instantly see how driven that child is to achieve their goal. They may count their money on a daily basis and they will do odd jobs around the house, the garden and generally pester people enough to help increase the amount in their moneybox. At what point do we lose the ability to focus our spending that seems to come naturally to many children? Read More »

Family and Friend Money Lending Tips | Lessons That 2012 Taught Me.

If you’re in a bit of financial hassle, sometimes it might seem like your only option is an emergency loan from family and friends; sometimes this might work the other way and you could be the one being asked to bail out a family member in their moment of need. Your first inclination will probably be to help out but many people have learnt the hard way that nothing can sour a relationship like a financial debt, and if they can’t afford to repay the loan you could end up losing more than just your money. If you’re faced with friends or family asking for money, there are a few things you should consider. Read More »

The Most Incredible Business Books for Business-Minded Women.

They say books are man’s best friend…true that! Books are also woman’s best friend. You learn loads of things by living in a society and experiencing things in your life, but is that enough? No! Learning process is an ever going process. A person keeps learning new things through different phases of life. For instance, even if you are a successful doctor, you still need to keep in touch with the latest developments in medicine and science and therefore you rely on books and research documents. In the same way, even if you are the most successful businesswoman in the world, it’s obvious you still need to improve more and seek advice on business matters. It is very significant that the advice is sought from a reliable and authentic source. And that the advice is informative and helpful. This write-up brings for you a list of some incredible business books. Read More »

Make Use of Instant/Payday Loans to Buy the Latest Gadgets.

There are many gadgets that have recently been launched on the market, gaining the interest many technology enthusiasts. These gadgets are smart phones, android mobiles, laptops, iPads, smart watches etc. Though the cost is considered to be high with the most recent gadgets, not many people would second guess buying one if they had the money to. You can overcome your lack of finance with the support of instant loans offered by financial institutions. Read More »

Ways to Manage your Family Finances ;Smart, Easy and Practical Tips.

You don’t need to be a magician to successfully manage your finances. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the money you are spending so it is very important to manage your family finances and grow your money to handle the unexpected events that can occur anytime. Here are some smart ways you can easily manage your family finances: Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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