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The Ugly Side Of Chinese Medicine.

As the population of the world increases, and traditional societies become more middle class, it puts greater pressure on all kinds of finite natural resources. Not just oil, coal and minerals, but also vegetation and wildlife. Illegally killing endangered animals to sell their parts for use in traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) are pushing some species to the brink, the wild tiger being just one example. Read More »

Tasty Natural Remedies.

Pharmaceutical drugs are often expensive and may have unwanted side effects. Also, they sometimes taste awful. Certain natural remedies, however, are affordable, safe, and – best of all – tasty! Read More »

Are Bad Medicines on the Rise?

Nearly every day there seems to be a news story that talks about the dangers of a new medication. Some of the pharmaceuticals that are intended to reduce pain, extend lives, or help the sick recover are, in fact, harming people. It seems like every type of medication has been impacted by these issues. Surprisingly, some medicines designed to treat more-common ailments are the worst offenders. It is the belief of many, non-associated medical groups, that these medications are being pushed into the market in order to “help the common good.” Consequently, extended research and development periods are being cut in half to push these “miracle” drugs into the public. Read More »

Autoclaves And Sterilizers And Why They Affect You!

Many of us are aware of the importance of cleanliness and in some cases sterilisation within a range of industries yet many would be unaware of the tools used to carry out these essential procedures so effectively. This article takes a look at the widespread use of Autoclaves across a range of industries for the sterilisation of equipment. Read More »

The Dangers Of Anaesthetics: Fatal Consequences of Anaesthesia.

Eventually, we all need to visit a hospital to undergo a procedure where an anaesthetic is required. Most of us have a trouble free experience, but some people have a very bad reaction to general anaesthetic that has potentially fatal consequences. Other people suffer near fatal episodes that are a great worry for themselves and their families. Most cases, where a patient reacts badly to an anaesthetic are unfortunate, but unavoidable. In other cases, serious errors in judgement put patients at even more risk. Read More »

Product Design And Development: Top 4 Myths and What Not To Do.

Product design and development is a must-have feature in any company that wants to maintain its rank at the top. Perhaps there is no other field where this is more evident than in the medical field. With advancements in technology resulting in new medical devices and the creation of new dietary supplements almost every other day, there is a race to stay ahead. This is the reason why the product development department has to be ahead of the game, since this department is one of the most stressful departments in the organizations that have them. The product development manager is under intense pressure to come up with a workable schedule of the product development when the truth is that this might very well be out of their hands. Read More »

Herbal Cures and Supplements; Pro’s and Con’s of Natural Medication.

Practiced in various parts of the world, herbal medication does fulfill its purposes effectively. It also can challenge your health. Whether physical, mental or other susceptible conditions, mixtures of the medication do posses potent nutrients that are reliable as they are in their raw formulae. Plant based nutrients are always a favorite of the body’s digestive system. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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