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Acute Kidney Failure; Types, Symptoms and Managing Renal Disease.

Renal failure is the incapacitation of the kidneys resulting in the sudden decrease of the filtration rate. They are pre renal, post renal also referred to as obstructive renal failure and there is perechymatous failure. The development of renal failure also depends on what nutrients such as minerals are in your body. Read More »

Types and Causes of Urine Colour and Odour as Health Indicator

Mainly containing water and soluble waste compounds, urine is an excretory product of the body’s metabolic processes. Urine colour manifests whatever state of health your body is in. Categorized as either normal or abnormal, the urine you excrete could be of different colourations. Healthy urine is straw, light yellow in colour and has a light odour, a slight stench of ammonia. Causes of the different colours in urine... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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