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Healthy Living on Campus: How College Students Can Stay Fit.

Are you worried about gaining the freshman 10 or 15 during the first semester of college? Have you struggled to keep those muscles that you worked so hard to develop now that you are juggling college coursework and an active social life? Do you plop down on the couch any time you have a free minute because you feel so exhausted from long hours of study and partying? Have you noticed that you can barely keep your eyes open during your mid-afternoon class? These are concerns that should be addressed immediately because college students have a tendency to neglect their health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle on campus does not have to be boring, painful, or expensive, but it will require some thought and planning. The following tips could be beneficial to students who feel they are turning into couch potatoes: Read More »

Avoid Catching a Cold Virus: Practical Tips on How to avoid Fevers.

When it comes to not catching the common cold virus, prevention is the most important thing. But to do it we must first understand how a cold virus works. Cold is caused by a number of viruses, the most common being the rhinovirus. It is the most prevalent viral infection that has plagued mankind since its inception. It is so frequent that it infects a human adult at least twice and a child at least six to twelve times a year. Read More »

Different Lessons in Life and How To Live a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle.

Do you think before you make a lifestyle choice? Do you mind ignoring some good sweet stuff for the sake of your health or do you go ahead and live it up? Better decide, make a choice to live a healthier lifestyle before you become a statistic. Read More »

Religion, Health and Lifestyle: The Connection.

Though practice in religion varies in beliefs and high power acknowledgment, there are several characteristics that are common. Comparing and contrasting religion with our lifestyles; our health and other composites of our unique lifestyles, a lot is to be emulated and practised for our betterment. Read More »

Overweight and Over Fat;10 Health Tips for a Obesity Free Lifestyle.

A lot of times we are occupied with work or other activities to have a good healthy workout. Without knowing, we become overweight or over fat and so you have to do something about that. What do you do? Here are a few steps you should embrace to eliminate overweight and over fat conditions and complications. Read More »

Lady Gaga’s Lifestyle; What you Learn From Her For your Health.

Not your ordinary mega-star, lady gaga is the queen of pop. There are several things I have learnt from her style that we should adapt for our health and general lifestyle. Do not fear controversy. Never get comfortable. Know your strengths and deal with your weaknesses. Avoid unnecessary noise. Read More »

Disease and Health Management; Tips on How to Perform Self Care.

Sometimes an illness/disease/condition may occur far away from professional help. With simple knowledge of how to administer first aid, you could save a life in need. With risk lingering everywhere, it is only right to acquire all the knowledge you can to help yourself and/or another. There are several do’s and don’ts you need to know on how to manage illnesses and diseases. In order to maintain, improve and better your health; Read More »

Stress Side Effects on Health;The Types, Stages and the Symptoms.

Part of the cycle of life, stress is the strain caused by physical, emotional or psychological events in life. There are several stages of stress. Identifying stress can sometimes be stressful in itself. Stress has major implications on your lifestyle. As a way of manifestation, stress depicts itself in your state of health. Read More »

Blood Donation Health Benefits and Positive Side Effects.

Being the most essential fluid in the body, blood does more than transport life in you. On average, an adult has a blood-body ratio of about one-eleventh of their body weight. This translates to about 5 litres averagely. Blood is the fuel of the body. A universal life agent, blood can be easily shared, rather, donated to help save a fading life effectively. You should consider donating blood more often. Here is why... Read More »

Health Effects and Benefits of Mind Body Control. The Connection.

What and how is the mind body control? Everything is an actualization of what the mind perceives. The mind is nature in itself; holding all possibilities; predictable or not. Everything in life is a determinant of what the master is; the body or the mind. Whether consciously or subconsciously, happenings in your life are determined by that interrelation. We are therefore responsible for our health, our wealth, our networks and circles, our spirituality; everything ours. Read More »

Health Benefits of Water; Requirements and Importance to the Body.

Why is water so very important? An average person is very capable of surviving without consuming anything else so long as they intake water. Water is one of the most effective and natural ways of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Water stands out as the world’s most important fundamentals in its existence, next to oxygen. When the body is starved water, a lot of manifestations occur. Every function in the body is activated and maintained by the availability of water. All the metabolic functions require water. Read More »

Natural living; Green Living,Exercises, Diets and Lifestyle Benefits.

Nature provides us with everything we need. It basically holds the basics of life, its existence and its continuity. Water, oxygen and food are just the basics. In pursuit of sophistication, those very basics become compromised and thus nature 'reacts' to our actions. In retrospect, we experience the consequences of our actions. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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