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Why Does Fashion Matter More To Women Than It Does To Men?

Fashion matters more in the eyes of women than it does to men. Even as we find ourselves in 2013, with men more comfortable with their appearance than ever before to the extent that we see the dreadful ‘metrosexual’ tag as outdated; it is undeniable that women remain the bigger ‘fashionistas.’ Why has this remained the case, despite the line blurring between male and female fashion like never before? Read More »

One Step Closer To The Perfect Pair Of Jeans: Shopping for Jeans.

We’ve all been there, the dreaded shopping for a new pair of jeans. You have an image in your head, a kind of mix of Kate Moss in the Calvin Klein adverts and Victoria Beckham’s off-duty cool. Instead you feel like the inventor of the muffin top, your bum looks either too flat or too big and there’s so much excess material bunching around your ankles you feel about 2ft tall. In this post we give a run-down of what vital statistics you need to know before choosing your next pair of go-to denims, how to get the perfect fit and what your favourite fashion stores are doing to help relieve the stress of jeans shopping. Read More »

How To Style Your Hair To Suit Your Face Shape.

It is easy to become bored with your hairstyle, especially if you feel like you have had it forever. However, it can also be too terrifying to try out a new style for fear that it really won’t suit you. Firstly, you will never know unless you try and secondly there are some handy tips below which will hopefully stop you making any truly bad hair decisions. Read More »

Lingerie for Certain Body Types

One can find several explanations as to why sexy lingerie is really a popular type of clothing for any woman to want to shop for. Lingerie can really help any lady to express herself through her clothing. Females like to shop for attractive lingerie since it makes them really feel feminine, appealing, as well as in charge in some cases. Men also like to shop for sexy lingerie for their woman because they like to allow their own creativeness to run wild so to speak. They love visualizing their woman clad within hardly there sexy outfits. Males are also great at selecting lingerie because they understand that what they choose is bound to look great on their woman. They are fully aware of what they want to see her in. Read More »

Online Retailer: Top 4 How You Can Benefit From Buying Shoes.

The internet has made it a lot easier to purchase the necessary products for your lifestyle and shoes are one of those products. There are many benefits to buying shoes online and once you realize what they are, you may have a hard time going to the shoe store again. Have you ever considered or thought about why you buy any items online? When you do, you will realize that most of those reasons also apply to shoes. As a smart shopper, here are some of the reasons that you need to think about in order to make your next shoe purchase through an online retailer. Read More »

How to Buy Good Quality Jewels From a Jewelers Shop or Internet.

If you are looking to purchase or invest in a quality piece of jewellery, then you may wish to do some research and leg work before committing to a purchase. You may need to educate yourself in what you are looking to buy, whether it is a precious metal or a semi precious or precious stone. There are people out there who will knowingly rip you off if you do not know what you are looking for. When it comes to things like Diamonds, take a search on the internet for the Four C’s, will give you information on buy precious stones. Read More »

10 Tips on How to Build your Wardrobe! Find the Right Clothes Easy.

There is nothing worse than that feeling when you would rather go back home and change your outfit. By aligning the pieces you will create a unique style that will only be yours! If you're looking for some tips and ideas on how to build your wardrobe, keep reading because you've come to the right place! Read More »

5 Work-Wear Clothing Trends you Need to Dress for Success at Work.

Workwear is becoming a popular feature on the catwalk and the high street. The fashion industry is reacting to what customers want which are workwear options that are appropriate for the office with a dash of style. Take a look at the ultimate five trends that you can apply in your work wardrobe to illuminate the glow of success: Read More »

Women Office Wear: Skirts and Trousers, Shoes, Stylish Fashion Tips

Women Office Wear Skirts and Trousers Shoes Stylish Fashion Tips

Office wear is the most under-styled look when it comes to Fashion. Gone are the days when office wear meant a typical black or brown trouser, a white crispy shirt, an A line skirt and mid-heel sandals. Today, the scenario has changed. Using your creativity and applying it to your office wear is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Everyone is aware of the latest fashion and latest trends; thanks to the many fashion magazines that teens these days grow up with. But what could be fascinating is, to wear something in a way, which will alter the look of your persona without breaking the rules. For most of them, office wear is nothing but a combination of shirt with trouser or skirt which should go well with a suit or a scarf. Let’s see how you can revolutionize to look best in your office wear. Read More »

Sun Protection Factor: Protect Your Face with Quality Sunscreen.

The problem isn’t that the sunscreen in your makeup doesn’t work at all. The problem is simply that the levels are too low. You may believe that your SPF makeup (SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor) will protect your face, but you still need to apply a dedicated sunscreen for the best protection. You may understand that importance of applying sunscreen, but did you know that it must be used throughout the year? One of the places you are most likely to burn is your face because it is never covered by protective clothing. Read More »

How Rock T-Shirts Changed Fashion; Rock-Star Styles and Trends.

Band T-shirts were created in the 1970’s when bands and artists realised they could make money by putting their artwork on T-shirts and selling them. They became very popular with fans and began selling out at concerts. How Rock T-Shirts Changed Fashion;styles and trends.T-shirts from heavy metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple soon became a fashion statement for teenagers who wanted to express their views on music, and politics. In the 80’s a new generation of punk music came along and bands such as the Sex Pistols were seen wearing band T-shirts on stage. This made them even more popular with fans who wanted to look like their idols. During this time, iconic T-shirts such as the yellow ‘Never Mind the B#ll#cks’ T-shirt were created, and are still worn today. Read More »

Lady/Woman Playing Golf: Top 5 Fashion Essentials For The Lady Golfer

You can bet that if there are ladies involved in the sport, then there would be fashion do’s and don’ts involved. Golf is not excluded. It is actually one of the perfect sports for you as a lady as it does not involve too much physical involvement, you can work your outfit to the full! Considering you will be playing out in the field on warm sunny days, and in a posh golf club to cap it all off, you better look good! Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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