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Have You Ever Considered Body Donation?

Do you ever spend time thinking about what’s going to happen to your body when you die? For most people, the answer to that question, “Probably get cremated or buried.” While those are the two most obvious choices, there’s a third option that very few of have ever considered, whole body donation. Now, before you go jumping to conclusions about what you think body donation is all about, it’s worth taking a few moments to find out how modern donation processes really work. When you do, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a system run by medical professionals, researchers and licensed morticians. Not only that, it offers some real benefits to both society at large, and your own family. It’s also important to understand the differences between donating your body to medical research and donating your body to a medical school anatomy lab. As we’re about to find out, these are two very different options. If you’ve never considered donating your body to science, we encourage you to read the following article with an open mind. Read More »

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter: What They Are & How They Work.

A sensor is positioned on the thin area of the person's body, normally a finger or ear, or perhaps in the situation of an infant, around a foot. Light of two various wavelengths is passed through the person to a photo detector. The modifying absorbance at intervals of of the wavelengths is calculated, allowing resolution of the absorbance’s as a result of pulsing arterial blood by itself, not including venous blood, bone, skin, fat, muscle, and generally nail polish. With this device it's possible to measure both "oxygenated" and "deoxygenated hemoglobin" on the peripheral scale. Read More »

Body Donation: Reasons to Donate Your Body to Science After you Die.

There are many reasons to consider donating your body to science. If you were to ask someone who has already decided to take part in body donation why they are doing it, they may tell you that it's because they want to show gratitude to the medical profession and help mankind fight diseases and illnesses. Body Donation is Beneficial to Us All Read More »

Organ Transplants; Types of Organ Donation and Surgery Procedure.

Depending on the situation; heart, lungs, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, eyes, hair, liver, bones, tendons and other tissues within the body, make up the list of what can be transplanted. Depending on factors such as intensity of operation, source of organ or patients needs, transplants are categorized into various types. Read More »

Blood Donation Health Benefits and Positive Side Effects.

Being the most essential fluid in the body, blood does more than transport life in you. On average, an adult has a blood-body ratio of about one-eleventh of their body weight. This translates to about 5 litres averagely. Blood is the fuel of the body. A universal life agent, blood can be easily shared, rather, donated to help save a fading life effectively. You should consider donating blood more often. Here is why... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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