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What Is A Carbon Footprint?

You have probably heard the term 'carbon footprint' in the media several times over the last two decades. While the term is now relatively widespread, its meaning is often misunderstood. However, with climate change seemingly here to stay, it is a term that now has more relevance than ever before. Carbon Footprint explained Read More »

Improving Indoor Air Pollution: Breathing Easier And Healthier

When we think of the issue of air quality, we tend to think of things like factories expelling all sorts of horrible things into the atmosphere and exhaust fumes from cars. These are certainly legitimate concerns for sure, but did you know the air inside homes is often worse? It is, and for several reasons, including but not limited to, poorer circulation of air, daily use of chemical-laden products and the release of dangerous substances used in the manufacturing of furniture that slowly leaks out into the house. The good news is you can do a lot to improve the air you breathe within the four walls of your home. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started on improving indoor air quality. Read More »

Breathe Easier: Dust Reducing Guide.

Every home and every surface accumulate dust. It comes in the form of tiny particles which may be hair, cloth fibres, skin cells, pet dander, dirt and many other bits. It is impossible to eliminate dust entirely from your life, but there surely are many ways to reduce it drastically. Too much dust can result in a variety of health problems, mostly allergies. This calls for immediate measures. To avoid breathing in so much particles and bits, you can follow some of the steps we provide below. They will help you reduce dust at home. Take a look. Read More »

Treating Nasal Problems In Children.

Some children tend to have sinus issues when they are very young, and you can help them by knowing the symptoms and deciding when to seek treatment. Your Child’s Nasal Passages Children seem to forever have runny noses, and sometimes the culprit is a simple cold. Other times, however, it may be something that needs more aggressive treatment. The nose doesn’t look large from the face, but its passages lead through the child’s nostrils to the back of his throat. Read More »

When Is Smoking Good For Your Health?

Anyone waiting for a serious answer to that heading is unlikely to appreciate the answer: “when it stops you drinking your fiftieth tequila shot”, but in reality, smoking seems to be with us to stay. Although cigarettes are never going to win awards for health product of the year and we won’t see Benson and Hedges sponsoring the Olympic Games any time in the next century, people are seriously trying to think of new and creative ways to reduce the harm that the smoking industry inflicts upon the public. Read More »

Health Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning. Home Decor Maintainance.

In the past, there have been reports of people becoming ill due to the inhalation of airborne bacteria in restaurants. These bacteria often live within the ducts and air shafts inside buildings. Restaurants are not the only buildings that contain these ducts, your home or office also has air ducts running along the interior of the walls. These ducts also harbor dust, debris and bacteria which can be a health hazard to your family or to your employees. Read More »

What’s The Difference Between An Inhaler And A Nebulizer?

Nebulizers and inhalers are two various units used to provide relief or control and send asthma medications straight into the lungs. Read More »

The Health Hazard Effects of Smoking and the Benefits of Quitting.

Smoking is one of the most hazardous habits that people, majority of them, have developed today. This habit gives you pleasure at the cost of your health as it can cause harm to various organs of your body. Read below to learn more about the dangers of smoking and how quitting can benefit. Read More »

Oral Hygeine and Halitosis: Tips to Avoid Bad Breath and its Causes.

Bad breath is a very common problem that affects people at any age, there are many causes and also many treatments to prevent bad breath according to the causal origin of course. Before having to reach these instances tedious treatments and feeling discomfort leaving personal and social level have bad breath, there are certain keys to avoid bad breath Read More »

Quitting Smoking For Good: 6 Healthy Steps To Finally Quit.

Quitting any addiction is hard, and cigarette smoking sometimes appears to be among the hardest addictions to let go of. It is possible though, with the right support and attitude, you will be able to do it. It might take time but in the end if you press on, you will be able to do it. Here are some few little tricks to make the process a bit easier for you: Read More »

5 House Plants That are Natural and Healthy Indoor Air Purifiers.

Having good air quality in your home is incredibly important for your health. Problems can develop from air pollutants when there is inadequate ventilation in your house. Pollutants could be anything from asbestos to damp carpets. An excellent way to improve your air quality – and be Eco friendly – is to add houseplants to your home. Read More »

Healthy Breathing Styles; Diaphragm Controls, Techniques and Benefits.

Though breathing is a reflex action, it requires effort and practices and style to fully intake its benefits. Your style of breathing determines a lot for the metabolic processes. Deep, slow and long breathes as opposed to shallow, rapid breathes maximize your life, literally. Depending on factors such as physical activity, gender and health of an individual, the breathing style differs. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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