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Tips On How To Exercise Your Mind Body And Spirit.

Being in recovery means more than just getting off of an addictive substance or habit. It also means changing your lifestyle to a more healthier one, one that is more in line with recovery. There are several ways on how to do this, a few of them outlined in the 12 steps themselves. With the new life we find in recovery, we must also begin to build healthy routines and habits. There are several easy ways one can exercise their mind, their body and their spirit in order to become healthier human beings and better live a life of recovery. Read More »

Playing Poker :6 Ways it Helps You Read People’s Minds (manipulation)

Many skills are necessary for you to get along well with people. These skills are gained from the moment we are born. As we age, we gain perceptive skills such as knowing when a friend is unhappy with us. We use our socials skills throughout our lives and no one can place an expiration date to them. The power of reading minds When talking about reading minds, it is not the psychic kind where you hear word for word what the other person is thinking. No, reading the mind is a form of intuition. Looking at an individual and knowing there are lying or unhappy even if they are saying the contrary. You get such powerful skills when playing poker. Read More »

Health Effects and Benefits of Mind Body Control. The Connection.

What and how is the mind body control? Everything is an actualization of what the mind perceives. The mind is nature in itself; holding all possibilities; predictable or not. Everything in life is a determinant of what the master is; the body or the mind. Whether consciously or subconsciously, happenings in your life are determined by that interrelation. We are therefore responsible for our health, our wealth, our networks and circles, our spirituality; everything ours. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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