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Excessive Caffeine ? Both Negative and Positive Health Side Effects.

Warning; excessive caffeine consumption is affecting your body negatively! Things like the jitters and insomnia are pretty commonly known when talking about excessive caffeine consumption, but there are some other side effects that you might be less familiar with. Caffeine has seriously negative side effects! (But also positive ones, too!)The way caffeine works is by blocking adenosine. If you haven’t heard of adenosine, don’t worry. The only thing you have to know about it is that it’s the chemical that tells your body when it’s tired and it needs rest. By blocking it, caffeine gives you that familiar burst of energy for up to a couple of hours after drinking it. However, blocking adenosine long-term is not good. It can lead to some pretty bad side effects Read More »

Beer and Wine Health Benefits; Consumption Side Effects to Your Body.

Alcoholic substances, rather beer and wine, supplies your body averagely seven calories per every gram you consume. How this benefits you depends on several factors, one being how much alcohol you consume. Too much of beer or wine and you become mentally impaired, your physical performance is greatly compromised and you are more susceptible to various lifestyle diseases. The twist in alcohol consumption is that in both extremes, your health looses rather than benefit. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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