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Sickle Cell Anaemia in Children: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management.

After your child being diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia, there are several guidelines that your physician does prescribe. Some of those guidelines are aimed at dealing with the characteristics of sickle cell anaemia. Both in children and in adults, the principles in management of sickle cell anaemia effects are more or less the same. You need to know the following: Read More »

Types of Anaemia, Causes and Symptoms of Red Blood Cells Disorder.

Anaemia is the disease where your body lacks enough red blood cells for the circulation of oxygen. It is a disease where by the red blood cells count decreases in the blood. This leaves you weakened as the oxygen supply within your body is decreased. Types and causes of anaemia. Treatment of anaemia is done through iron therapy. It affects women more than men. Read More »

Sickle Cell Anaemia Disease; Symptoms and Managing Crisis Episodes.

Also known as Haemoglobin SS disease, it is one type of anaemia. It is a hereditary disease where by the red blood cells are damaged and their shape distorted. The damaged red blood cells can not therefore function as normal/required. The patient undergoes sever pain, referred to as a crisis moment. Sickle cell anaemia can has several high risk treatment options though. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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