Summer Health Tips & Summer Beauty Tips For You To Have A Cool Time!

You want yourself to be looking cool on the beach, don’t you? Here are some summer health tips and summer beauty tips for you. Summer is right around the corner, folks, and it’s time to start thinking about your hair.

Summer means beach time and you all should be looking your best on sand and in the water, so here’s some tips to consider for when it’s time to get up and greet the sun during those carefree, lazy days.

How to pick the perfect hairstyle for your schedule.

Summer Health Tips & Summer Beauty Tips For You To Have A Cool TimeDuring the first couple of weeks of the season, you might want to consider a new look for your hair. For men, picking a hairstyle is a little trickier because the styles change less often than it does for women. You want a haircut that works for your personality and your lifestyle. You want a style that keeps in mind the current trends. Try to pick something that works for your schedule though. Hair takes longer to style than you think, and if not enough care is put into your hair, you could end up looking like a bum on the beach.

For the summer, guys should consider a sleek side cut. It’s a sharp-looking style, and has been around for a long time. It requires your hair to be a little longer, so don’t cut it so short. It’s an easy one to style with gel or pomade. Or maybe you want to try out quiffs. It requires medium length hair, and makes a statement. Personally, I think it makes you look like a shark. But it’s in, and why not try it out for the summer? Be warned: it requires a lot of styling, with blow-drying and hair spray. Another classic look is the short crop. It’s low maintenance, and a good look for the summer heat. Keep a little on top so you don’t end up looking like a baby. The key to pulling off these looks is knowing which products are top quality, like Pureology or something similar.

How to look fresh after a long flight. 

So you have your new haircut, and you’re going on vacation. Well, that’s fantastic. But make sure you’re looking fresh after your long flight before you hit up the bar scene. No time to stop at the hotel? Don’t worry; it’s a simple matter of packing a few things into your carry-on. Eye creams, Argan oil, or a good moisturizer are good for your skin to prevent an oily look. Prepare you hair for flight by adding a little more volume than what you may be used to. Normal volume will cause your hair to fall flat during the flight. Girls, tie up long hair into a ponytail or style your hair into a bun. These styles travel well and are easy to touch-up inside the airplane bathroom.

So now you’ve arrived at a tropical paradise. Beaches are golden, and the water’s crystal clear. In the event that you encounter a coconut, feel lucky. What you have in your hands is a treasure chest of health benefits! That’s right! The coconut water is loaded with vital nutrients and vitamins like riboflavim and thiamin and folates. It’s rich in amino acids and enzymes too! Plus, it’s great to drink for those looking to lose weight. What’s more, the natural juice can be applied to the skin to help prevent acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks. It can clear up the skin and give you a youthful looking, smoother skin.

These are just a few tips for you to have a cool time over the summer. It’s easy to be lazy and not take care of yourself during those long summer days, but as long as you manage your appearance and health, there’s no reason for you not to have fun in the sun. Here’s an unrelated tip from me – meet up with friends, make mistakes, get into trouble. Have a wild and crazy time, my friends.

Tim Andrews is a health and life-style coach, helping young professionals look the part at all times. 

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