Sugar Side Effects:8 Toxic Health Why’s You Should Stop Taking Sugar.

What is sugar to the body?

Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body. With the recommended dietary consumption being 50 to 60 percent, carbohydrates make up the larger part of your balanced diet.

This therefore translates to higher levels of glucose, otherwise called blood sugar, derived from the carbohydrates.

Sugar, like water, plays the bigger role in your metabolic processes.

Types of sugar to the body.

Sugar Side Effects:8 Toxic Health Why's You Should Stop Taking Sugar. Even though sugar is that necessary in your body, you need to realize that it is not all types of sugars.

Organic sugars, sugars derived from plant-based sources, is the recommended source for your glucose.
Synthetic sugars, or what is referred to as additives, do no good to your health.

Effects of sugar to your health.

Sugar contributes to obesity and weight disorders. Due to the high calorie and fat content that is usually, deposits of unneeded sugars, naturally result in you gaining weight. The consumption of empty calories, found mainly in additives such as in soft drinks, margarine and cakes, results in deposition of sugar in various parts of your body. As your good cholesterol deposits decrease, bad cholesterol, triglyceride increase contributing to your weight gain.

It increases the risk of diabetes type 2. Added sugars do spike up your sugar levels momentarily. As the body reacts to this action, your pancreas produces insulin to counter the overwhelming glucose. With additives, the body easily derives glucose, thus forcing your body to hastily produce insulin. As you continue to exploit your pancreas through consumption of manufactured sugars making it to overwork, you risk degrading it. This leaves you susceptible to diseases such as high blood pressure,  it damages arteries and other blood vessels, and diabetes.

Referred to as sugar rush, sugar, manufactured sugar specifically, rapidly raises your hyperactivity, anxiety, crankiness in children and adrenaline levels in adults. If your body cannot handle such extremes, you risk injuring yourself as you move around or just end up in a hospital bed due to an incapacitated pancreas producing no or just little insulin. In the brain, sugar raises the serotonin levels. This results in a feel good mood as you get energised. Continuous use of sugar causes the body to cut production of serotonin and this can cause to depression.

As sugar is needed by cells to function, it does speed up ageing if consumed more often in discouraged amounts. Manufactured sugar influences tissue elasticity, in certain cases causing  oedema, thus weakening it. As your make your body to produce insulin more often, it triggers premature ageing and as you exploit your pancreas, the situation worsens.

Also, sugar triggers cancerous cells to rapidly mutate. As the cells metabolize more, they rapidly increase. Due to the energy they derive from the sugar, glucose, studies have shown that sugar consuming cancer patients are worse off than those who do not consume any, in terms of recovery and degradation.

Cavities; a tale we know of since childhood. Manufactured sugar that sticks around your dental does take part in decaying your teeth. With that, sugar leaves you susceptible to other periodontal diseases and conditions. Due to the acidification effect caused by sugar, mouth affecting conditions such as soaring and dental carries, are more likely to occur.  It also causes bleeding gums and loss of teeth.

Within the digestive system, sugar degrades the gastrointestinal tract. Sugar increases the chances of ulcerative colitis, sugar interferes with your bowels functions. Manufactured sugar interferes with absorption due to the acidic effect and can cause indigestion. Gastritis is another digestive system disorder you are in peril of. It also affects the digestive process as it requires a lot of enzymes, minerals and other nutrients to assimilate.

Sugar has adverse effects on your bones. Made up of calcium, the bones loose  in the metabolism of sugar. Calcium is needed to neutralize acidity caused by sugar. This weakens your bone structure and your immunity too. Sugar can paralyse  the white blood cells, leaving you susceptible to infections and diseases.

  • Consumption of sugar should be done moderately, if you can’t do away with it.
  • In order to replenish damage caused by sugar, always eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid synthetic sugars, such as in cakes and other products that contain additives.
  • For a healthy lifestyle, do regular check ups for your teeth, bones and general wellness.

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