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Apparent Lifestyle now offers guest blogging opportunities.

Please contact to us for more details:

Have you checked out how we display, style and publish our content? Check it out, Have a feel of what we prefer, Share , Comment, Participate and Enjoy too.

Apparent Lifestyle invites you to contribute to our Lifestyle and related concerns community.  If you want more readers, more free traffic to your website and a permanent back-link to your blog.

We do not accept free promotional posts. If you have a promotional article, click here.

Benefits of Guest Blogging at Apparent Lifestyle.

Your article or articles will be featured on our homepage for all of our visitors to see.

If you have your own site, you get to drive free traffic to it.

You also get to have 4 do follow and permanent links.

1. From the comment you post, which should direct only to relevant sites in terms of content and not products or services.

2. From a post you publish on this site. Within the body of the post, you get a maximum of 3 links that still should direct to relevant content only.(inbound or outbound)

3. With your post, you name will be available to the public. This will direct them to your profile where you have another link of your choice. All these links are optional, you decide whether you want to use them. Apparent Lifestyle, as stipulated in our policies, retains the right of decision of authorizing such all manner of content on this site.

Guest Blogging Guidelines.

You have to contact us through email. We will review your request and will publish your post right away.

You also will able to register and be a member to be able to get an account where you can contribute.

You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights of the article or have permission from the owner or author to submit the  article to Apparent Lifestyle.

We do strictly calculate keyword ratio in the content and link quality and relevance.

What Kind of Articles will be accepted:

  • We will only accept articles on related concerns. We do Health, Homes, Fashion, Leisure, Family, Society, Gadgets, Technology, Beauty . Share what never worked, your challenges or even what you could do different if   you did it all over again. We do not seek to discredit products or services directly but to save others the troubles we might have gone through in using them.
  •  We will only accept original and unique content, that which is not plagiarized and thus does not infringe on any copyright laws.
  • We prefer articles/content that is informative, ever green, clear, non promotional and that offer practical solutions to every day challenges and concerns with a global perspective. We need the article to appeal to someone anywhere in the world.
  • In the event your article passes all the above, we go further to look for relevance.

Articles that will not be accepted:

  •  Articles that infringe on copyright laws.
  • Promotional articles for a product or service.
  • Articles with links to unrelated sites. Links from within the post should only point to complimentary information about the specific topic.
  • General articles without useful content. Just having a great story but which does not add value to our health community will not be accepted.
  • Although you might have an idea same as one we already have on the weblog, do not post something similar to it. There is no point of it.
  • Articles with inappropriate language such as Attacking, spamming, violence, obscenity, sexual content, insults or any other behavior that affect the usability and/or comfort-ability of other users.
  • Linking to banned sites and redirects. Pointing to broken links or to banned sites will not be acceptable. This also includes affiliate sites, ad-sense sites, mirror sites…all that black hat type sites.
  • Submitting copyrighted content and images. If the image or content is not your own, both in creation and in ownership, we will not accept it.
Guest Blogging Article Format.

Before you go over the guidelines for guest post article formats you can go over the articles posted on the blog and get a feel for it.

  • You need to suggest keywords or key phrases  and meta description for your post.  You are advised to a maximum of five keyword and a maximum of four key phrases. In the event we evaluate your keywords could be more appropriate if conjoined or revised to form a phrase, we will change that for you.
  • Your post is expected and thus should be of a minimum of 500 words (no author byline included).  Be precise,articulate and to the point.
  • You can add bullet points, number lists, bold text, anything that you like to make the article optimized and looking the way you want it. Please add subheadings in bold with larger font.
  • You have a maximum 3 links to highly related to your topic. If they are not appropriately linking , we will either remove them or deny the post.

How to Submit Guest Post Articles.

Contact to us via email:

We will publish your article usually within 72 hours, maximum 10 days after you submit it  if it passes all the guidelines listed here.

We retain the right to reject any article without further notice. If your article is accepted or rejected you will receive a confirmation mail.

If you have an article you would like published by us, you can contact us for more information about guest blogging at apparent lifestyle.

Our links guidelines are as follows:

  • 500 words to 580 words gets 1 external self-serving link to a relevant, complimenting URL.
  • 590 words to 690 words gets 2 external self-serving links to a relevant, complimenting URL.
  • 700 words and above get 3 external self-serving links to a relevant , complimenting URL.

* A relevant, complimenting link is one that adds more value to the article attached, through more related content only.We use to determine your quality.

No products, persons, brands or companies, just content.  We also do not link to “BAD” sites, determined same way Google does determine the quality of a link. Apparent Lifestyle retains all publishers rights. * We may add internal links to your content. *


Although we will promote your article within our direct controlled platforms, We  encourage you to promote your article on social media sites and on your blog once it is published.

During promotion, there will be no direct attribution to an author rather, we link or promote under one common name, Apparent Lifestyle. This applies in all documents, articles and content within this site.

Promotion . No articles are submitted to article directories. This is to retain originality and avoid content duplication. The only promotion that involves third parties is social media sites and document sharing sites.

Documents are articles/posts directly converted into PDF, Power point, Video and Audio.

All correspondence to Apparent Lifestyle is assumed to be intended for publication. Apparent Lifestyle accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photography.

All rights on publication remain with the publisher.

You are giving permission to Apparent Lifestyle to publish your article on any of our websites or in any of our email newsletters. You are giving permission for Apparent Lifestyle to include your articles in our RSS Feeds. These permissions are provided to Apparent Lifestyle or to any successor(s) or future owner(s) of its assets. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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