Style Secrets for Women of the Older Generation

Many women worry that as they grow older; they’ll inevitably turn into the kind of blue-rinse and perm old women they were familiar with as children. But these days, growing old don’t mean your style has to grow old too! We’ve got some easy ways you can keep ahead of the game.


This first one is easy – don’t go for any of the hairstyles you dread! More specifically, instead of sticking with what you’ve always had, go to a good hairdresser and ask for their advice. Grey hair can make you look older – though some women manage to rock it – but you might find the color you were before that hard to match. It’s a great time to try something new. Avoid anything too harsh – softness is the key to looking younger. Length-wise, lots of women prefer a shorter cut as it can avoid pulling the face ‘down’ and emphasizing wrinkles. That said, if your hair is curly you may find a bit of length works. It’s all about experimenting.

hairstyle for women of the older generaton


Less is more, as they say. You’re aiming for classy and refined (think Julie Andrews and Helen Mirren!) so invest a couple of key pieces of jewellery, rather than piling on the cheap costume type! Ideally, you want one key piece per area – earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring. You can of course have more for the purposes of variety, but make sure it’s worth it. For earrings, we recommend small studs rather than large hoops – and why not go for a more unusual stone in them, like moonstone? A necklace should either have a statement focal piece or the chain, but not both. We love cameo-style stones. There’s more options when it comes to bracelets – just make sure it fits properly. And finally, rings. These are tricky – hands age quite dramatically, so you want to avoid anything too delicate that might draw attention to wrinkles. Equally, anything too big and it can overpower. Signet rings are the perfect size – they can be worn on any finger, and you can have them customized to suit what you want.


You don’t have to give up heels either! You just have to be careful about what you wear. Stilettos look great, but increase the risk of falling quite dramatically, so maybe swap to some thicker heels. Open toed/open back ones are a risk, and you’ll want to judge it based on how your feet look – since everyone’s are different. A great pair of boots will suit everyone, so they’re well worth investing in. Shoes can be a wonderful way to add to an otherwise plain outfit, so why not try out some of the more daring styles? Think Irregular Choice and other similar brands.

shoes for women of the older generation


Lots of women find a style and a favorite product and stick with it. Unfortunately, doing this is probably aging you. As you age, your skin may change in color and tone, so you may need to swap to a new foundation. Mineral make up can be great for older skin as it’s less heavy than many other foundations. It might be a good time to try some new lipstick colors as well – and don’t worry, you can totally still get away with a bright red lip. It may just be that you need to edit the red you’re wearing – potentially to something more orange or purple, depending on how your skin tone has shifted.


Now for the trickiest part! The clothes that suit you will, as usual, suit you best if you work them to your particular body type. Lots of women make the mistake of trying to avoid form-fitting outfits, but this only makes you look shapeless. Instead, you want tailored cuts – think jackets with nipped-in waists or add a belt to a dress to draw attention to your waist. Whilst floral prints used to be the domain of the elderly, they’ve come into fashion in a big way recently, so don’t worry too much about wearing them. Block, geometric prints are even better though – they’re bold, bright and definitely not the sort of thing your grandmother would have worn!


So: what’s an ideal outfit for you? We think a gorgeous tailored jacket in a light color, over a well-fitted blouse and some loose but not baggy trousers. Add in a statement necklaces, a signet ring and some delicate earrings and you’re good to go!

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