Stop Stressing Out: How To Let Things Slide.

It happens to the best of us: we let things get to us and ruin our day, or obsess over something that we could have let pass. Instead, we get angry or upset. Maybe someone stole credit for your work at the job, or maybe your mother called. No matter what the case may be, you find yourself boiling with rage and can’t see straight.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t very healthy. The impact on someone’s health can range from blood pressure to heart problems, and many other ailments. So what can a person do to snap out of it and let things roll off their backs?

It isn’t always easy, but a few tips that can help alleviate some of that stress.


Someone in your department might have a few questions if you sit Indian-style on top of the lunch table, quietly humming “omm” to yourself, but other ways to meditate without imitating the Buddha. A quick alternative can be closing your eyes for a minute or two, breathing and counting in your head. Instead of focusing on anger, focus on your breathing and what number comes next. This will clear your head and give you a better mental state to approach the problem with.

 2. Picture Something Funny

If counting isn’t doing it for you, give yourself a laugh. Watching Seinfeld on the job is rarely an option, but imagining a goat trying to hula hoop is always possible. Sometimes thinking of something completely ridiculous can push you out of the zone of anger and give you a laugh, which will quickly give you some feel good endorphins. Perhaps you aren’t a fan of goats.  Instead of silly animals, think about a funny birthday you had as a child, or even call someone you know can always make you laugh.

Stop Stressing Out: How To Let Things Slide.3. Read the News

Considering how depressing the news can be, this is probably a surprising tip. However, you don’t have to read the big news breaking headlines. There are off-topic and funny news sections in many great publications. Even if breaking news is more your style, indulging in a story can take your mind off of what is bothering you, and break up how upset you are. The bonus of news stories is how short they can be. Even the longer stories have a word count of around 2,000 words. Unlike a novel, or even most short stories, a news story can be carved into even the busiest schedules.

These are three tips that can work really well when it comes to relieving your mind of stress. When it comes to handling what was stresses you out, breathe. After you have calmed down, write out a list of solutions and a possible schedule of how you can implement those changes. By writing it down and seeing how it can be approached, it won’t seem so overwhelming and you can start solving and not stressing.

If you’re regularly stressed, make sure to get checked out. Checking your blood pressure, getting an analysis of heart rate variability, and other tests can make sure you’re still in good shape. After all, health problems are just another stressor to add to the list.





By Mandy Harrison, a reception who often times gets overwhelmed, but always calms back down and gains perspective.

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