The steps involved in filing a divorce in San Diego

Divorce cases are considered to be one of the toughest cases to handle be it for the lawyers or for the family. It is a fact that both the husband and wife are ready for the divorce, but still they have some doubts about getting separated. This is due to the fact they are emotionally attached to each other and family.

Questions arising when seeking divorce

It is very obvious that if the couple has managed to survive their marriage for some years, then they would have a child too. It is fine if the husband and the wife has decided to take a divorce, but what about that child? Where will the child go? Will the other partner (be it wife or husband), would be able to take proper care of the child? Will the chill be happy with him or her? So, the child becomes the centre of attraction than that of the couple. This is also true because in a divorce, the child goes through tough times.


Choosing the right attorney

This is the toughest thing when seeking a divorce. You need to hire the best lawyer for your work. It is a tough job and you may have to consult a number of lawyers before final selection. All the divorce lawyers may not be same. They are least concerned with the emotions of the couple or the welfare of the children of couple. Hiring a San Diego divorce lawyer is always advisable in such case. This will raise as your confidence as the case will be in hand of experienced people and your emotions will also be cared for.

How to find the best attorney in San Diego

There may be numerous attorneys present in San Diego claiming to be the best ones. But it is imperative that you choose the right lawyer who will work for your benefit.

  • Google is the best medium. Searching online will give you the list of attorneys with the reviews about them. This will help you in making the correct decision. The reviews earned by them are self suffice to speak of their popularity.
  • By paying a visit to local state bar also you can choose the best San Diego divorce lawyer. Here you can find the best lawyer with all the required proficiency.

Steps involved while filing a divorce in San Diego

Filling a divorce is not an easy task in San Diego. You need to follow certain steps. You and your partner should meet certain criteria

  • Partner should have been a inhabitant of California for around six months and of San Diego for not less than three months.
  • If you and your partner’s country of residence is not same then divorce should be filed in respective country. A legal separation can be filed for if this criterion is not fulfilled.

Once these criteria are fulfilled you can apply for legal separation. Thus before filing for a divorce is very careful in terms of hiring the attorney and meeting the requirements.

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