Lifesytle of Stay at Home Mom

Different Faces of Stay-At-Home Moms

Most people believe that a woman’s greatest achievement is the moment she gets pregnant and bears children. Some women live to be just moms and nothing else. However, some other women believe that a successful career defines a successful life. Their career is the most important thing in the world. Some of them especially feel successful if they bested competent men on their way to greatness. Every woman has a different view about success. However, motherhood has the tendency to obscure these views. When a woman becomes a mother, the most important thing in the world becomes her child, nothing else.

What happens then once they become mothers? Do they leave their dreams and ambitions behind? Because they have to take care of their kids, mothers tend to stay at home and let their husbands do all the moneymaking. It does not always have to be that way though. Mothers who grow tired of doing the same things every day at home take matters to their own hands. Aside from taking care of domestic matters and the well-being of their children, these stay-at-home moms entertain other interests as well. Other women who are career and business oriented carry their mind for business even through motherhood. This leads us to seeing other perspectives on mothers. They have many faces, and most of them are interesting. Here are just a few of the super moms’ many faces.

moms lifestyleThe Homemaker

The homemaker is the most basic role a mother can have. However, it does not mean that it is less hard. In fact, people do not give much credit to homemakers. Have you ever thought how hard it is to manage a home? You are not only looking out for the needs of your children. You are also looking out for the needs of your husband. On top of all that, you also have to oversee every domestic thing that is going on inside the house. You cook, clean the house, wash the dog (if you have one), and make sure your house does not run out of supplies. You pay the electric bill, the water bill, the cable bill, and any other bill your household can afford to pay.

Just because the homemaker does not pursue other interests does not mean she is boring or dismissible. She may be overlooked by other people most of the time, but ask her children how she shows them that she loves them. These children will always know how devoted their mothers are to them, and that will strengthen their bond. Of course, the homemaker has other interests. She just does not love them more than she does her family.

The Social Mom

Now, this mom is a different story. She is the outgoing type. She does not close herself inside her house. She opens the doors and let people in. The social mom is always happy to organize barbecue parties, house-warming parties, outing trips with other families, and any other get-together you can think of. She loves company. You cannot say that she gets lonely at home because she has her children to accompany her. She just loves going out and have fun with people. She will never miss a party in the neighborhood. Of course, she would always bring her family to socialize with other families too.

Does this mean she neglects her duties to her children and home because she is busy being the life of the party? That does not seem the way. Although some social moms do have lapses in taking care of their responsibilities, others have mastered joining the two responsibilities successfully—their responsibility to their family and their responsibility to the social world. This ability is actually very beneficial to their families. When you socialize with the right people, you get to have the right connections as well. Families can always count useful connections one way or the other.

The Businesswoman

This kind of mother has the ability to manage a business even when she is in the comforts of her home and children. Some people are just born to manage a business. That calling does not stop when they bear children. Of course, they can always choose to work outside their homes and work in companies. However, in order to honor their motherhood, some moms prefer to exercise their business prowess while staying at home. Mostly, these moms build online shops and deal with their clientele online. These online shops vary greatly—from apparel and arts & crafts to desserts and other home-baked goodies.

Because the business moms tend to be busy all the time, they mostly get nannies to help them take care of their children. However, it does not mean that they do not take care of their kids themselves. Apparently, their children are the reason why they stay at home instead of working in some large corporation. They want to be with their children at the first place. The pressure is just too much sometimes for work at home mom that she will need an extra set of hands to keep things organized inside the home.

The Multi-Tasker

Moms who are experts in multi-tasking are the best super moms. You would watch them, and then end up scratching your head and wonder how they do it. How do they manage to keep their homes together, own a business, and still have time to socialize? Where do they get all their energy? They achieve all these difficult tasks by staying at home too. Some of these amazing moms even manage to stay drop dead gorgeous and charming. Just imagine all the work that they do in the hands of a regular person. It will probably make that person look like a zombie.

When you think about it, all moms are multi-taskers. Maybe they are not major super moms like the one mentioned above, but they still juggle many affairs in their hands. They are not only mothers. They are also wives. They are also active members of the community. No matter what face a mother may have, her strength and passion make her a great beauty to behold.

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