Starting a Profitable Website

There has been a lot of talk recently about making money online and all that’s associated with it. While it’s often thought that making money online is easier than getting a traditional job, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead, making money online should be approached just like any other business complete with all of the trials and tribulations.

But, where does one begin when it comes to making money online? Though there are countless ways, starting a website is often regarded as one of the best as it will teach an individual the ins and outs of making money over the Internet.

Starting a Profitable Website

If you went back just a few years, starting a website would have most likely required a college degree. However, so much information is readily available that it’s easy for anyone to start a website and begin making money today. Let’s take a look at the process.


First, you’re going to need an idea – just as is the case when it comes to starting any business. When thinking of your idea it needs to fit two criteria: it must be a niche that has some sort of demand, and it must be something you are interested in. If it’s a niche that has no demand, chances are no one will come to your website and you will make no money. Additionally, it must be something you’re interested in as if you’re working on a website that is of no interest to you; chances are you will quickly give up. Creating a website takes hard work and dedication and giving up isn’t an option.


When it comes to content, you must consider both the look of your site, and what it includes. Designing a website is a topic that can spawn a book of its own but simply doing a web search for freely available templates will have you up and running without having to do any coding. The content, however, is something you must pay more attention to.

The content that your website houses is what will not only bring readers in, but keep them coming back as well. Though you can create the content yourself, perhaps this isn’t something you’re willing to do. Luckily, there are many different avenues you can approach that will allow you to outsource your content creation. oDesk, Freelancer and are three websites you can get high quality content written that will bring traffic to your website. Be sure to ask for review copies before you dive in to ensure great quality.


After your website is live and filled with content you’re going to need to figure out how to make money. There are countless ways to do this but two that are easy for beginners are advertisements and affiliate networks. Ad networks like Google AdSense allows you to sell advertising space simply by copy and pasting a code onto your website. Affiliate networks, like Amazon Associates, allow you to link to a product and then get a cut of the sale. Depending on the nature of your website, either or may work better.

Continue Improving

Now that your website is live, you have content and you’re making money the work doesn’t end there. If you don’t keep continuously improving your website you will lose followers and your revenue will tank. Continue to build links to your websites with services found on websites like Warrior Forum or Fiverr. Additionally, make sure you never stop adding content. If you don’t want to write this content yourself, again, you don’t have to. Simply head over to a website like oDesk,, or countless others and submit an order. Remember, treating your website like a business is the best way to succeed.

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