Smart And Simple Ways Of Saving Water At Home.

Water is going to be the gold of the future. There are already too many people on the planet, and we are increasing, and water resources are being further sapped by pollution, climate change and generalized waste.

Smart And Simple Ways Of Saving Water At Home.Saving Water Is A Necessity

So it’s important that we all learn how to save as much water as possible. While it’s a necessity for people who live in dry or water-impoverished lands, it’s also useful for all those who live in water-rich countries: saving water helps preserve the environment and cuts our home bills.

Water Saving In The Kitchen

In the kitchen, water-saving rules are very simple: always use as little water as strictly necessary. So watch out when you fill the kettle or boil water for some pasta or noodles. Even better, figure out how much water you need for this kind of use and measure it in a metric container every time. After a while, you’ll be able to do it on autopilot. If you wash dishes in the sink, always use a washing up bowl and not running water. And watch out for drips, checking the pipes regularly. Dripping pipes can cost you up to 20 lt of water a day!

If you use a dishwasher, and the same goes for a washing machines, make sure you always run a full load. With these appliances it’s also important to make sure they are energy/water efficient models, at least A rated.

Water Saving In The Bathroom

Some of these tips work for the bathroom too. Again it’s a question of simple discipline. If you run a bath, use as little water as possible. If you shower, always turn the tap off when lathering. An average person’s bath uses 80 lt (17,5 gallons) of water while a shower, if proper care is taken, uses between 25 and 35 lt, or nearly 8 gallons of water. To see how much water you can save, take a shower standing in a water container (any large plastic bowl will do). Even by shutting the taps off while lathering, you can consume up to 30 or more litres of water. You can put it into canisters and recycle it for watering gardens and plants, provided you use a limited amount of soap, or to wash cars, bikes or the exterior of your house.

Toilet flushes are another saving area. Modern ones (roughly from the 1990s onwards) use about 7,5 lt of water per flush, while older ones will use as much as 9,5 lt. If you are buying a new toilet, make sure you have dual-flush mode, minimizing the amount of water you use.

If you add up all these savings, a three person household can save a minimum of approximately 100 lt of water a day, or approx 3.000 lt – 657 gallons -a month (and still shower daily)! Just think of the money you save and the good turn you do, by using a little discipline, to our overused planet.

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