Skip Bins: How to Safely Use a Skip To Throw Away Household Items.

Hiring a skip is a fantastic way to make a range of jobs around the house a lot quicker and simpler. Using a skip you will have a large vat essentially where you can dispose of any items you don’t want any more making it perfect for large clear outs, or where you can dispose of any waste materials such as rubble or mortar when you are working on construction projects.

Using a skip saves you a lot of time that would be spent disposing of your own waste, but it also saves you potential accidents by allowing you to clear your work site as you go so that there isn’t debris and rubbish in the way for you or others to trip over or hurt yourselves on.

However while skips make life easier and much safer, you still need to use them correctly if you’re going to get the maximum use out of them. Here we will look at how you can accomplish that and how to keep your skips safe and useful.

Skip Bins How to Safely Use a Skip To Throw Away Household Items.Only Throw Away the Right Things

When you do throw things in the skip it’s important to make sure that you are only throwing out things that you’re allowed to put in the skip. Throwing away things like electronic waste for instance might potentially cause damage to the environment while things like shards of glass could cause injury to you or the collectors. When you find the service to rent the skip from you will find that you are given certain guidelines and instructions regarding how you should use them, so make sure you follow these.

Lift Carefully

When you throw things in the skip bins this of course requires you to be able to lift them and then throw them over and into the bin. If it’s very heavy this could potentially cause an injury if you pull a muscle or trap a nerve, or if you drop the item and it lands on your foot or otherwise hurts you. Make sure then that you use proper technique when lifting (lift from the knees – not with your back) and that you stretch/get a friend to help you.

Deconstruct Carefully

Likewise you might find that you want to make your items easier to dispose of by first breaking them down and folding them up. You can do this by taking out screws and essentially going through the reverse process compared to the way it was built. Just make sure you aren’t smashing the items up with blunt implements and potentially causing splinters or shrapnel that could cause an injury.

Keep it Safe

When you have your skip delivered you need to make sure that you put it somewhere that it’s going to be safe and not get in the way. This means for instance avoiding putting it somewhere where your car might reverse into it, or putting it where it is going to block the drive for others. At the same time you should try to keep it away from the side of the road if possible as it can otherwise attract people to go through your things – potentially injuring themselves or breaching your privacy.

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