Skincare Doesn’t Take A Vacation: Skincare Tips While Traveling.

You finally made it. It’s your vacation! You’re ready for the sun, maybe for the beach, but most importantly you’re ready to relax and feel wonderful. Something you don’t want to worry about during this time is having bad skin. When traveling you’re not always able to transport your regular skin care routine with you, or maybe you’re just not willing. There’s something about vacation that just makes it seem like everything should be more simple.

Skincare Doesn't Take A Vacation: Skincare Tips While Traveling.Here are some simple skin care tips that can make your travels all the more blissful!

In Transit

During actual travel your skin can be exposed to some conditions it isn’t normally. Flying, driving for extended periods of time or traveling on any sort of boat all present unique conditions that can affect the health and look of your skin.

  • In flight skin can dry out because of the effects of cabin pressure. Cabin pressure can draw moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and tight. Before flying always apply a light face moisturizer.

  • Sometimes flights are long and destinations are far. There might not be many opportunities to wash and tend to your skin during these trips. Instead bring oil blotting sheets to remove any buildup of excess oil.

  • Misting your face with either rose or mineral water throughout travel can keep you feeling refreshed.

  • A long trip can mean sleep deprivation and puffy eyes with under-eye circles. Use a chilled eye mask or a cold towel laid over your eyes to help reduce this swelling.

  • Avoid touching the skin on your face during travel. Your hands pick up tons of bacteria and germs during public transit and when you touch your face you transmit them. Keep your hands at your side and your face clean!


No matter where your travels take you, make sure you take certain precautions to prepare your skin for the difference in climates and environments.

  • If you’re somewhere sunny wear sunscreen! It’s not the most insightful tip, but often proper sunscreen application and reapplication gets put off-putting you at risk for real skin damage.

  • Remember when we said if you’re somewhere sunny? Well also consider wearing sunscreen if you’re not somewhere sunny! In places with ice, or places closer to the sky, like ski slopes, the sun reflects and hits your skin with more force than it would at the beach. Be sure to wear a sunscreen with at least an SPF component of 15.

  • Fun vacation activities can involve overexposure to wind, water, snow and other elements. Always be sure to carry a moisturizing, reparative lip balm with you. Chapped lips almost always result from these sorts of conditions.

Consider scheduling an appointment with your dermatologist upon your return, or even before leaving for your vacation. Remember that melanomic moles can develop over the course of just a week.

If you experience any sort of serious sunburn or other skin issue while on your trip, a dermatologist can offer remedies and prevention for your next vacation.

Most importantly, have fun and relax!





Dermatologist Dr. Scott Darling of KC Healthy Skin and Vein Center enjoys his vacations.

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