Skin Health Shows the Internal Body Organs Health. The Connection

Your skin does reflect how your body, internally, is.  Whenever you see blemishes, sores, rashes and such, there is the reflection. The skin, being the largest organ of the body, is one of the excretory organs together with the liver, lungs and kidneys. It also does manifest a lot about your health.
Skin Health Shows the Internal Body Organs Health. The ConnectionI do not suppose there is anyone who would prefer to have a blemished skin, cracked and dry. Usually, after noticing whatever we deem as unhealthy or unattractive o our skin, we probably result in the use of cosmetics and other beauty products. What you probably do not realize is that you could do your skin more harm than you are trying to hide.

Your body does not need any help such as that from beauty products; it has its own mechanism of helping you maintain your beauty, and in a much simpler, cheaper and healthier way.

It all starts in your choice of diet. If you are keen on how to live a healthy lifestyle, you will realize that regular physical exercise and healthy eating will do your skin healthy wonders.

It is recommended that you intake soluble fiber, it is the most beneficial nutrient for your bowel. This nutrient helps regulate your bowel movements helping you avoid skin conditions such as acne, caused by constipation. Soluble fiber also participates in detoxifying your body; it does help eliminate toxins such as cholesterol, which accumulates in along the skin causing it to crack and wrinkle stretch marks.

Your kidneys excrete a lot of waste fluids each day. Whenever it is overwhelmed, the fluids are then excreted through the help of other organs such as the skin. Depending on what you drink, your skin will share in the effects of your choice. Choices such as caffeinated beverages, fizzy drinks and alcohol leave your body dehydrated. If this continues for a period of time, without you drinking water, your skin will surely dry or crack. Water and Antioxidants do prevent cellular aging thus slowing down your skin degeneration.

As you intake all the recommended nutrients, there is one organ that keeps the digestive process properly functioning, the liver.  It stimulates the flow of bile which helps carry away cholesterol. Any toxic waste is usually handled by the liver, when it is overwhelmed, your skin will definitely show so. Whenever your body experiences an allergic reaction, usually, your skin will reflect that too.  Taking care of what your liver processes not only helps maintain your skin’s health, but your overall body wellness.

How do you breath, is it deep or shallow? Small particles of waste and toxic fluids are usually carried out as you breathe. When done as recommended, deep, long and slow, you allow you body to excrete several toxins. Your skin also does breath, if you allow it to do so, without covering yourself all over, all the time, you will see significant change in the course of time.

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