Six Sneaky Secrets of Red Light Traffic Cameras.

Thought to be one of the most revolutionary forms of traffic control, red light cameras are being installed around the United States at a very fast pace. Every time that a municipality wants to install these lights into their city, they hold very dramatic meetings showing just how “dangerous” their roads have become, and how the city will just turn into chaos without the installation of these cameras.

Before anyone willingly votes to have these red light cameras installed in their city, they should know these six secrets about red light cameras.

1. Photographs Cannot Identify Driver

In states such as Florida, the license plate is only located on the back of the car. These cameras must photograph the license to identify the car. When looking at the photograph, like any Florida traffic attorney will tell you, it is usually impossible to tell who was driving the car. If this is the case, then why should the owner of the car be responsible for paying the ticket when often he was not even the one behind the wheel?

2. Fundraisers For The Police Department

In the city of Orlando, a red light ticket fine is $158 per offense. The ticket is electronically generated and the recipient has 30 days to pay. In one city, using multiple traffic light cameras, the city can generate several thousands of dollars each day in ticket revenue without ever having to pay the salary of a police officer.

Six Sneaky Secrets of Red Light Traffic Cameras.3. Fictitious Claims By Camera Companies

The companies that sell these cameras to the city often make outrageous claims that their product can reduce intersection accidents, reduce congestion in areas, and encourage safe driving. They say their product and monitoring services provide an effective way to deter people from driving badly. Not one of these companies can prove where these claims or statistics have come from other than their marketing department.

4. Tickets Are Sent At A Delay

The ticket generating systems of these cameras delay mailing tickets by several days to even several weeks. The main reason for this delay is to cause confusion. If you receive a ticket four weeks after the event occurred, you are less likely to dispute the ticket because you cannot clearly remember what was going on that day.

5. Bad Drivers Are Not Prevented

Think about someone who is dodging traffic at 80mph on a busy street. Most likely they will not be noticed by these “accident preventing” cameras if the offending driver makes sure to pass through the intersection on a green light. Bad drivers usually do not change their ways until something catastrophic happens.

6. Other Alternatives Would Be Better

Instead of wasting countless tax dollars on red light cameras, municipalities should consider investing into their communities by improving road ways. This generates jobs and it is beneficial to the entire community.

If you receive a red light camera ticket in the mail, you need to know that you have options. It is advisable that you seek legal representation before making your final decision about what to do. If you decide to go to court, you will be required to prove that you were not responsible for the ticket and sometimes that takes additional legal finesse.





Bethany Gillis is a conscientious driver that realizes the potential hazards that Red Light Cameras can cause. Upon researching the website of a Florida traffic attorney, she was made even more aware of the controversial facts surrounding such devices. She shares these little-known facts in hopes that more concerned citizens will become better informed.

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