Pregnancy Exercises; How Simple Routines Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain.

Much of the hip and back ache you experience during pregnancy is due to unworked muscles which feel the pressure of your changing body as your bump gets bigger and your posture less stable.

Because of this millions of women across the world, unnecessarily suffer from back ache which can make the last few months of your pregnancy particularly uncomfortable.

Can a simple routine prevent back pain in pregnancy? Pregnacy ExercisesYet it is possible to prevent it…

By incorporating this full body workout into your routine, no matter what stage you are at with your pregnancy, it is possible to experience natural joint pain relief and make sure your back and hip muscles are properly strengthened and supported.

Step One: Your Warm-up

  • Hip circles – if you have a gym/stability ball, sit on it with your back straight, your legs apart and your feet flat on the floor. Using your stomach and lower back muscles, move your hips in a circular motion until you complete 15 circles. Repeat this again but moving your hips in the opposite direction.
  • Torso circles –remaining on your ball in the same position, place your hands on your knees and this time move your torso in a circle 15 times. Repeat but in the opposite direction.

Step Two: Your Workout

  • Squats – holding onto something sturdy like a desk, table or a person, stand a couple of feet away and space your feet wide enough apart so your belly can fit between your legs. Holding onto your support keep your abdominal and back muscles contracted and then proceed to sit as deep as your legs and knees will allow you. Do 10-15 repetitions, and then repeat.
  • Leg circles –stand a few feet away from a stable surface, then bend forward and place your hands onto it. Keeping your back flat and your abdominal pulled in, stand on one leg (make sure your knee has a slight bend to it) and perform circles with your other. Do this 15 times then repeat with your other leg.
  • Wall reach – good for your posture, stand with your hips against the wall and your feet a few foot away. Pull in your stomach muscles, tilt your pelvis, and then roll your spine up the wall, making sure your spine is pressed into the wall. Reach your arms above your head (keep these straight and against the wall) and hold for 10-20 seconds. Relax and repeat again.
  • Plank pose –place down a mat, then on all fours, place your elbows to the ground. Keeping on your knees (you can do your toes if you feel strong enough), keep your stomach pulled in tight, tilt your pelvis and flex your gluteus. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds, breath slowly and repeat.

Step Three: Stretching

These are especially important during pregnancy as your body release Relaxin which can cause your muscles and joints to relax, making you vulnerable to injury.

  • Seated hamstring – sitting on the floor, extend your right leg out straight and keep your left bent with your foot up against your inner right thigh. Reach forward toward your right foot with your right hand and hold onto your calf, ankle or foot for 20 seconds. Repeat with your other side.
  • Hip stretch – position yourself on the floor in a lunge position with your right foot in front. Keep your right foot under or in front of your right knee, then let your hips gently drop towards the floor as low as is comfortable, until you feel a stretch in your hip and thigh. Repeat with your other leg.

Simple exercises and stretches can help you to overcome back problems during pregnancy and experience a measure of joint pain relief. So why not give this routine a try and see the difference it makes to your discomfort.

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