Shoes Accessories To Replace, Repair, and Fix Your Kicks

Your shoes are what keep you grounded, quite literally. And there’s also emotional connections to the things that protect your feet, and practical reasons to keep those shoes in the best working order. Which brings you around to the idea of shoe accessories – those things that help you replace, repair, and append to the concept of your footwear.

Five particular sets of shoe accessories to think of within the realms of attachment and practicality include getting new laces, buying a shoe care kit, using she stretchers, applying waterproofing, and then finding orthotics that work with them.

The Laces

Shoe aficionados will tell you how important the right laces are for certain kicks, so if you need to get the length, color, texture, and style right, you’re going to have to know the right places to search. You can even get as specific as looking for Air Jordan laces, for instance. And with athletic shoes, there’s going to be durability as a factor as well. For people who want to get creative, there’s always things like the crazy laces for boots or skateboard shoes as well.

Shoe Care Kits

For people who have bought more expensive shoes in the past, you’re aware of the importance of shoe care kits. These care kits will help the shoes stand up to dirt, moisture, scuffs, and often come with an extra set of laces as well. So, if you bought footwear that needs the occasional oiling and buffing, shoe care kits are the way to go, as all of the parts will be there that you need for the full rubdown.


Shoe Stretchers

If your feet don’t quite fit in a pair of shoes, there is still hope. You can purchase a shoe-stretcher, and with a few minor adjustments over time, you can make your shoes and boots fit like a glove. There are different kinds of these stretchers, so you can essentially modify the shape of the shoe to help if you have wide feet, longer toes, or even if you have a pattern of walking the somehow irritates your skin from rubbing in the wrong places.


And don’t forget about basic waterproofing. Many shoes are susceptible to some pretty serious damage if you get them soaked and don’t dry them out right away, and it’s a really easy process to buy some good waterproofer to prevent this damage in the first place.

Inserts and Orthotics

Not all shoes were meant for people with flatter feet or higher arches as well, which means that there are certain inserts and orthotics that you can use to get more comfortable as well. Because you put so much stress on your feet, it might be worth it to talk to a doctor first before putting any extreme soles in though.

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