Secrets To Having A Greener Lawn: Home Gardening and Landscaping.

Sometimes, we can see lawns that are lush and green, and we may wonder how we can obtain that look for our own yards.

With a few lawn care tips, we can discover the secrets to having that beautiful green grass.

Mowing the Grass

One of the secrets to having a green lawn is to mow the grass more frequently. This forces the grass to grow thicker, and it helps to keep the weeds from developing. However, the mower blades should be sharp to keep the grass healthy. In addition, cut the grass at the right level for proper growth and less maintenance. For instance, the short grass will require more water and herbicides to make it grow green. Properly mowed grass will help the roots grow deeper making the grass be more resistant to disease and require less water.
Another mowing secret is to cut the grass when it is dry. Mowing wet grass will make the soil become compacted, and the roots will not be able to breathe properly. This will cause the grass to die.

Fertilizing the Lawn

An easy and natural way to fertilize the lawn is with mulch clippings. When mowing the lawn, let the mulch clippings fall back into the lawn. The clippings will help fertilize the lawn, and it will save time since there will be no need for bagging and dumping the clippings. Frequently mowed grass will keep the grass clippings short, and they will fall back into the soil preventing the clippings from remaining on top of the grass and turning brown.

Secrets To Having A Greener Lawn: Home Gardening and Landscaping.When using store-bought fertilizers, be sure not to use too much fertilizer since it can over-stimulate the grass causing it to need more mowing. In addition, excessive fertilizing will be bad for the lawn as well as for the environment. To discover a lawns fertilizer needs, test the soil every few years. The test will reveal what the soil is lacking to produce a green and lush yard. These results can help homeowners choose the appropriate fertilizer for their lawn.

Watering the Lawn

The secret to watering the lawn is not to water the lawn too much. Over-watering a lawn can cause the roots to tangle between the soil and grass. Watering daily can cause the roots to grow shallow. Therefore, water deeply once. Then, observe the grass for signs that will indicate it needs watering again. A sign that the grass is in need of a good watering is the color of the grass. If the grass is looking slightly blue, water it again.

Another tip is to water during the morning and to avoid watering at night. A lawn that is moist overnight might be more prone to disease. By watering in the early morning hours, the moisture will be able to evaporate quicker. A great way to control the timing and the amount of water is with a lawn sprinklers. They can automatically turn on and off at the right times to make sure the best results.

Pest Control for the Lawn

Disease and weeds can prevent someone from having green grass. The best weed control is to keep the weeds down before they become too many. Pull up the weeds by hand if there are only a few. By being observant, an individual can prevent the weeds from taking over the lawn. However, if the weeds are too many, herbicides will rid the lawn of annoying weeds. If recurring weeds are a constant thorn in your side, consider replacing your lawn altogether with artificial grass and never have to worry about weeds again!

Stuart Bagley is a landscaper who has worked with and gained knowledge on lawn care through his many years of experience in the business. He has worked with and advised by Northern Rainmakers, a company specializing in irrigation, landscape lighting and lawn care company, to use these DIY methods to achieve their own beautiful lush and green lawns.

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