How a San Antonio Water Softener Installation Company Changed Our Lives

San Antonio is well known for the hard water coming out of our taps. When we moved into our new home, our water contained a high mineral content that made it difficult to clean our bathrooms and kitchen. It also made our skin rough and dry. We came to get rid of these issues with the assistance of a San Antonio water softener system service provider.

A Problem Solved

Only after Atex Plumbing of San Antonio had fitted the water softening equipment into our home did we come to appreciate the big way the firm changed our lives. In as far as the kitchen and our dining are concerned, the soup, the coffee and even the water tastes better. The ice cubes are harder and much clearer.

Our cutlery sparkles for we now use much less dish washing soap and cleaning the kitchen surfaces takes less time because we no longer have to scour hard to remove deposits of calcium. The dish washing machine no longer requires constant checkups and routine maintenance because the minerals that interfered with its normal functioning are no longer present in water.

Over at our bathrooms, the soap we use now lathers better. This reflects on our hair and skin as a family because our skin and hair is smoother and softer with the use of less shampoo, soap and soft water. Again, our family does not have to spend long hours having to scrub mineral deposits that accumulate on bathroom surfaces. That is how the San Antonio water softener that was fitted into our home has impacted our individual lives.

The equipment installed to soften water has impacted positively on other water equipment in our home. The water heater heats water much quicker than before, saving on our family heating bills considerably. With the elimination of mineral deposits, water pressure and flow has improved also.

Our laundry is noticeably brighter, cleaner and the amount of fabric softener and detergent required to do a load of laundry in the washing machine is much less.

water company

The Problem Solver

Our search for a plumber led me to, who were also recommended by our realtor who advised us about our new home. They turned out to be knowledgeable and professional.

As an engineer, I had a professional interest in their equipment and service and every step was clearly explained to me. I was given a viable option for each element of the operation but I opted for equipment manufactured in the United States which was important to me.

The firm’s technicians are highly trained and experienced in as far as the hard water issue was concerned. They were polite, cleaned after themselves with the completion of the installation and did not disrupt any of our daily activities as they went about theirs. This came from over twenty-five years of accumulated experience working in the area and the fact that it is a family owned business.

Do not let hard water disrupt the quality of your family’s lifestyle in your own home. A tried and tested San Antonio water softener machine fitting company shall sort out the water and your life shall never be the same again.

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