Safe Green Cleaning Tips to protect your Family Health.

It’s not an easy task to keep your place looking clean, sanitized and presentable sometimes. There are so many tasks to do and so many chemicals to do them with, so no wonder we often don’t feel like doing it.

Most modern products however contain a number of chemicals of questionable safety, keeping labels warning us to keep away from children, hazardous, poison and similar labels that sound pretty ominous. Thankfully, you can dispose of these safely and move on too much more environmentally and family friendly alternatives that could already be found in your home.

Safe Green Cleaning Tips to protect your Family Health.The following tips will give you some details on what you can do:

• Cleaning vinyl with a simple combination of a piece of cloth and lemon juice can be all you need to remove pesky stains from tile flooring or recliners. They will smell fresh and the natural acids in lemon juice will break down the stains.

• You can make your own furniture polish instead of using the dangerous petroleum distillates used in most common polishes. There is no sense in using these as you can find a much easier alternative, which doesn’t have to smell so much. All it takes is two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice and you have a great polish ready for your convenience.

For your Wimbledon domestic cleaning Use a soft cloth and buff and clean your furniture with minimal efforts involved. This won’t be something you’ll have to worry about with little kids, so you’ll have a safer alternative for all involved.

• Removing paint odors is another common theme, especially after you’ve gone through a renovation or you have to go through one now. All you have to do is scatter some dishes of vinegar around your room. This will neutralize the heavy paint odor while you’re working up to a certain extent. You can leave the dishes out for a day or two when you’re done, as they will keep the smell at bay. Just remember to change them daily if you want them to do as intended.

• For metal polishes for things made of copper, brass, chrome and stainless steel you may use something other than the ammonia-based cleaners of today. All it takes is a type of natural ingredient you may have rarely suspected would work. For copper or brass try using salt and vinegar mixed with flour. This paste will easily remove the patina from the affected items and surfaces with as little fuss as possible. Just cover the surface, let it dry and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

• You can also use lemon for copper and brass, just slice a lemon in two and use the half with a bit of salt to remove the stains from the metal. Remember to rinse and dry the area when you’re done so the natural acids won’t mar the surface.

• If you have tarnished copper, then you can fix that with straight vinegar. Just spray the area and sprinkle it with salt. Wipe it with a cotton cloth or a sponge and remove the salt and rinse it well or the metal will turn green.

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