Religion, Health and Lifestyle: The Connection.

Though practice in religion varies in beliefs and high power acknowledgment, there are several characteristics that are common. Comparing and contrasting religion with our lifestyles; our health and other composites of our unique lifestyles, a lot is to be emulated and practised for our betterment.

Whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, Rastafarians or atheists, they all hold true sense of their teachings and follow their teachings in to the letter and in spirit.  More to it, on the day of worship, that commitment is exemplified in various forms and acts.  The day is characterized by self-righteousness, relaxed state of mind, appreciation, some very charming behaviour, at least from many. Somehow, time seems to be more than in the other days, giving people a chance to relax, reflect, lazy around, network, communicate and such. Religion, Health and Lifestyle: The Connection. Religion brings about a communal manifestation of what the society needs to do more and what is really important.

The body, mind and soul needs rest and calm regularly.

As we take time to tend to our religious needs, we become more relaxed and friendlier. That state of being free of the daily stresses and strains in pursuit of whatever we are chasing seems to fade away. The body demands this from us every day, it is just that we either ignore or do not notice it. Feeling tired, fatigued, having headaches and migraines, light-mindedness or even overly aggressive behaviors that are not normal suggest that your body needs rest.

The challenge is that, most people are too busy to take a break from it all and let their body take a rest. Whenever the body does not rest, it starts to wear out, just like in religion, where you lose touch with your spiritual self. As it wears out, your immune system weakens leaving you susceptible to various forms of diseases.

As much as we take time to relax and feed ourselves religion, taking time to let the body replenish its lost cells and damaged tissues ensure you have health to carry on forward with your lifestyle.

The sanctity of religion and the day of worship.

Usually, people purpose religion solemnly; there is no other activity or distraction accompanying it.

We take the tools of the trade; your religious material, behave and act as supposed and follow the purpose to the letter. Compare that to health, what do you do?  Do you want to be healthy but when it comes to doing what it takes to be healthy, you do not abide to what is recommended? What if you could follow that weight loss program through without whining or giving up?

In religion we rarely complain, probably out of respect for the higher power but is that the same principle we apply in our lifestyle? After a little workout, some people quit, complain and fail to stick through as a result of not having a high prioritized goal or ambition. Having a healthy obsession with your health as you probably do with your religion, having that sanctity in your lifestyle, will help you achieve whatever health state you want.

Attitude and perspective.

A healthy person not only radiates joy and happiness but also attracts success. A religious person reflects wisdom, contentment and gratitude among other virtues. What do you reflect?

Having and maintaining health requires work, just as religion requires constant enlighten. Whenever you look at the kind of diet that your physician has prescribed, what goes on in your mind? How you accept the health challenge you are going through; disease, disorder or just weight concerns, determines a lot on results.

We all want a healthy lifestyle, a wealthy lifestyle but how many of us do something and positive, the proper recommended choices to achieve that? Are you reactive and not proactive about your health and your lifestyle in general? Research shows that majority of people use curative and not preventive measures due to the minimal attention to your health.

Are you part of those who wait to hit rock bottom or are just about to before you start doing something about your health?

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