Rehabilitation Equipment Are Designed For a Quick Recovery

The primary aim of any rehabilitation treatment is to help the patients return to the comforts of their homes by achieving the best possible level of independence in daily functions. After a severe disease or injury such as strokes, patients can find that certain parts of their bodies have become weaker. They may face problems with reading, memory, balance, vision, mobility or speech. Rehabilitation equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, seating, lifting and shower-related machines help patients to recuperate faster and they are used to enhance the optimum functionality of their body.

Rehabilitation Equipment Are Designed For a Quick Recovery

Equipment for Rehabilitation at home:

In most rehabilitation plans, the patients begin their treatments in a hospital or in a rehab center. These homes provide specialized rehabilitation equipment for use by the patients. But if these things are available in homes, then the patients will get an added benefit. Equipment like foam mattresses, pressure-relief pillows, bath seating arrangement and washing accessories come handy if they are used in homes. A room or two of the house can be modified so that the exercises and treatments for rehabilitation can be performed there. Some of the possible equipment that can be used for facilitating rehab at homes are mentioned below.

  • Traction tables
  • Treatment tables
  • Taping tables
  • Massage tables
  • Parallel bars
  • Training ramps
  • Training stairs

Exercise Equipment for Rehab

One of the major steps in rehab treatments for patients face is regaining their mobility. They can use crutches or walking sticks made of wood or aluminum. Prolonged periods of rest can be required after cases of serious trauma. During these periods, the mobility of the patients is restricted. It can become problematic for the patients to adjust once the period of rest is over. There are many exercise equipment to help the patients during rehabilitation.

  • Upright exercise cycles
  • Recumbent exercise cycles
  • Elliptical riders
  • Treadmills
  • Free weights
  • Resistance weight equipment
  • Weight racks
  • Exercise balls
  • Exercise mats

What are the other fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation?

  • Heart rate monitors
  • Body fat calipers
  • Cuff weights for wrists
  • Cuff weights for ankles
  • Supports for the back, neck and joints
  • Fitness resistance bands
  • Moist gel hot wraps
  • Moist get cold wraps
  • Heat or cold packs
  • Hand exercisers

Home Alteration Equipment for Rehabilitation

During the recovery process, it may be suggested to the patients to alter their homes to eliminate any potential hazards that can affect the rehabilitation activities. The alterations can make it easier for the patients to use walkers and wheelchairs. A number of accessories are available to eliminate or reduce all mobility problems during the recovery process. Moreover, the other family members can be benefitted through the installation of these types of rehabilitation equipment in the homes as their lives too will become easier.

  • Standing power wheelchairs
  • Ramps
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Scooters

Aids to Help Daily Activities

In certain cases, it may become essential for the patients to perform their daily activities without the help of specialized aids. Through the use of such equipment, the weaknesses can be compensated for. The patients will be able to develop the necessary complementary skills to improve their independence.

Other Possible Equipment

Patients can also be benefitted from certain specialized equipment to take care of certain specific problems.

  • Cardio equipment
  • Creams, oils and lotions
  • Electrotherapy equipment
  • Neuromuscular stimulators
  • Exercise pulleys
  • Hand exercisers
  • Hydrotherapy tubs and equipment
  • Traction therapy equipment
  • Stretching equipment
  • Pedometers
  • Posture mirrors
  • Dumbbells

Rehabilitation equipment can be a necessity to help the patients regain their health completely. These machines and aids can be used to improve certain functionalities of the bodies to ensure that the rehab period is completed faster. If you would like to know more then click here and get few more idea.

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