Reasons for Weight Loss and Fat Loss Failures; Overweight and Overfat.

Why do more than 99% of all dieters fail to achieve their weight loss goals? Especially considering the fact that nearly all diets (even the most ridiculous sounding ones) allow dieters to at least lose weight if not attain actual fat loss. Would it surprise you to know that many experts on the subject of weight loss suggest that food is arguably the most addictive substance in the world? Studies are beginning to prove that no matter how badly dieters want to lose weight or attain fat loss they do not want to do so as bad as they want to continue to eat the way in which they are accustomed.

Simply put, it is as difficult to eat correctly to achieve weight loss or burn fat as it is to quit smoking, drinking, having sex or using recreational (hard-core) drugs. You see, just as with any addictive substance, the body becomes programmed or accustomed to having certain levels of sugars and fats consumed and when these foods are no longer eaten the body goes through withdrawals making it mentally and physically difficult to lose weight or attain fat loss . Withdrawal symptoms from typical weight loss diets include fatigue, nausea, irritability, sleeplessness and hunger. This is the point in which the average dieters terminate a diet, just before they would have begun to lose weight or attain fat loss .

Reasons for Weight Loss and Fat Loss Failures; overweight and overfat.Let’s be realistic, Weight loss and losing body fat tissue takes some effort. Unfortunately, in order to lose weight or attain fat loss the most effort is required in the first few days of a diet when the body is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. And this is precisely the point in which dieters terminate a fat reduction diet or in other terms diet to lose weight, just when they begin to experience fatigue, nausea, irritability, sleeplessness and hunger. This is also the point where dieters blame the diet for not allowing them to lose weight or attain fat reduction instead of stepping back and taking a look at themselves.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between fat reduction and burning fat. To lose weight means to lose water and muscle tissue with little to no fat reduction and burning fat means to lose fat tissue with no loss of water or muscle tissue. Weight loss is simple as the body consists of at least 3/4 water but to lose fat will need at least some level of effort and dedication. If you are tired of not being able to lose fat it is recommended you try one of the 4 most effective diets now being used to lose actual fat tissue the fat burning diet, the fat reduction diet, the Caveman diet and the Zone diet.

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