Reasons Growing Old Isn’t That Bad

In today’s world, youth is glamorized and worshiped. People are doing all that they can to encapsulate the secrets of staying young, looking young, and feeling young. The unsaid question that lies beneath the agenda that the beauty industry is pushing is when did it become bad to be old in the first place? Why is youth such a sought after ideal?

If you really look at it, age is one of the most beautiful things that happens to a person. If you don’t agree with this opinion, here are reasons why growing old actually isn’t that bad:

You Have A Wealth of Experience

Young people are always chastised because they don’t have enough life experience to know anything. Young people go in for a job interview and they don’t get the job because they’re too young to know what it’s like to run a business, or have a family, or know the realities that a long, hard life will teach you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, older people don’t get jobs because they’re not young enough, strong enough, or youthful enough to see the company through 20 more years of growth, but at least when you’re old, you have stories to tell. There is something so special about sitting with an individual who has seen so much and having history recounted to you through their eyes.

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You Get Benefits Everywhere You Go

You know what’s nice about becoming a senior citizen? You get benefits everywhere you go. You’re collecting retirement, you’re watching your grandchildren grow up, you get the senior citizen price at every matinee show you go to, others pay to take you out to dinner, and sometimes you don’t even have to pay for things at all.

You’ve done your service to the world and your old age is a time for you to sit back, relax, and let the world pay you back for everything you did in your youth.

You Can Live it Up With Others Like You

When you reach a certain age, it might become hard to do simple things for yourself, but that’s no cause to stress out. Growing old is great because you get to live up the time you have left with others like you in really nice living establishments. Just in case you didn’t grow up with all the amenities you ever wanted in a home, there’s no stopping you from living in luxury now. You don’t even have to do the dishes or clean up after yourself.

You’ve lived life. You have memories that fuel you, you have family to love you, and you have years of taking it easy left in you. Growing old is great because it’s a testament to your strength, your tenacity and your ability to milk life for all it’s worth.

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