Quick Tips for Working Moms For Staying Fashionable

Being a mom is hard enough for your sense of style – especially with younger children and the mess that seems to follow them. But it can be even trickier as a working mom, as you bounce between tracksuits and office wear. It may seem like trying to stay in fashion would require time you don’t have – but it’s easier than you suspect!

Focus on Classic, Not Trendy

Trying to keep up on what’s in and what’s out is hard enough at the best of times, never mind alongside a job and a kid. You can avoid this stress by focusing on lasting style, rather than current trends. Jewellery is a great place to start – bangles and stacking rings may come and go, but some simple stud earrings and a well-fitting signet ring will never fall out of fashion. Other than this, try to buy some staple pieces – a tailored jacket can add class to any outfit, and a functional but good-looking handbag will match almost anything you own.

Quick Tips for Working Moms For Staying Fashionable

Learn Some Simple Hairstyles

Hair is one of the most time-consuming parts of styling an outfit. Luckily for you, that slightly disheveled look is in fashion right now. Messy fishtails or quick-and-easy buns shouldn’t take you much more than a couple of hours practice at most, and then you have a great solution for when you wake up and your hair is as tangled as can be!

Treat Yourself

Lots of working moms forget to add precious ‘me-time’ into their plans. One of the best things you can do is allow yourself to spend some time and money on yourself. Start by clearing out your old make up. You’ve probably got years-old lipstick and crusty dried-up mascara in there, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by wearing them. Not only does it take longer to apply and wear away more quickly, it’s likely to break your skin out too! Investing in some new make up – even just the basics on a new foundation, eyeliner and mascara – will revamp your look as well as allowing your skin to be healthy.

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Style Your Kid

Okay, this sound like the sort of thing parents with too much time on their hands does. We don’t mean go out and buy your child dapper little suits or perfect dresses – that’s just impractical, and you almost certainly don’t have time for that! Instead, just think about basic colour theory – what complements what, and what to avoid putting together. With just a few swaps around, your kid will look almost as stylish as you! (Until they start picking their own clothes, that is.)

What NOT to Wear

The other way of quickly updating your wardrobe is to remove all items of clothing that either don’t fit, or don’t suit you. If you’ve got a pair of the dreaded ‘mom jeans‘ (you know the ones), they need to go right now! Replace them with a better cut – maybe a high-waited boot cut instead. You probably got rid of a lot of your cheap costume jewellery whilst your child was still a baby, especially if they were the type to try and eat it, so now is a great time to invest in some new pieces. We recommend getting at least one new item for each area – one bracelet, pair of earrings, ring and necklace. If your child is still young enough, you may want to avoid earrings that are easy to grab, and avoiding delicate jewellery is always helpful – perhaps instead going for a chunky chain necklace and signet rings, rather than anything smaller.

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Cheap Isn’t Always Better

It’s almost certainly worth investing money into fewer, better-quality pieces than trying to update your whole wardrobe at once with cheap clothes. Besides, with how busy you are you really don’t need that many outfits. It’s far better to have long-lasting and better looking clothes in small amounts than lots of great ones that’ll fall apart when you wash them!

The best way to stay in fashion as a working mom is to invest in classic style rather than quick fashion – buy good-quality, long lasting pieces. A signet ring won’t ever break, especially if you get it from a company with a guarantee. Equally, a good-quality handbag won’t need replacing for years meaning you can know you’ll look good for plenty of time to come.


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