I Registered but I only see a dashboard or I am directed to the homepage when I log in.

Well, your account is okay. We just have to manually upgrade your account for you to start contributing. This takes a maximum 24 hours on working days, including Saturdays.

I registered for a site but all I cannot access it.

Well if all you see is :

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://[ yourdomain]

The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for [ yourdomain]

The dnsserver returned:

Name Error: The domain name does not exist.

Then you site was created but we have to do the final activation for you to star accessing it. This takes a maximum 24 hours on working days including Saturdays.

 I have other problems other than the above in regards to my registration.

In the unlikely event you have other problems in concern to your registration or account, do Contact us With the details. We will be glad to assist.

 I cannot access my account.

If you did not delete it yourself, then we did it. We only delete your site if you requested us to do so or you did violate our simple community guidelines.

If you cannot access your blog site, it keeps telling you it does not exist, then we deleted it. You did not update it within 14 days after we activated it for you.

If you did and have been updating it for a while, then you the other scenario is you have not updated it for more than 3 consecutive months now. That is 3 months + time. If you feel this is unfair, feel free to Contact us why.

I commented, I have issues with how my comment is.

Of course we review all comments.

We also have systems to save as from spammers who actually are many, by the way.

Now, if your comment passes through the spam system checker, then it is published as it is.

If it is caught in the spam folder, then we review it and determine whether it was a “mistake”. This is very rare by the way. You understand this is technology, it is really advanced, much faster than techniques used by spammers.

Back to comments, It it was caught up “by mistake”, we strip it off the link part. That is one main reason it was already in the spam folder. This action only applies to those comments that have good content in them. If it is just some piece of non-helpful words, that is spam. Never gets the sight of our day.

So be good and helpful while commenting, this far we have “rescued only 2 comments”.

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