Sun Protection Factor: Protect Your Face with Quality Sunscreen.

Sun Protection Factor Protect Your Face with Quality SunscreenThe Skin Cancer Foundation reports that your risk of developing melanoma doubles if you have had five or more serious sunburns. They also report that 42 percent of people polled report that they get at least one sunburn every year. You may understand that importance of applying sunscreen, but did you know that it must be used throughout the year? One of the places you are most likely to burn is your face because it is never covered by protective clothing. You may believe that your SPF makeup (SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor) will protect your face, but you still need to apply a dedicated sunscreen for the best protection.


Higher Levels are Necessary

The problem isn’t that the sunscreen in your makeup doesn’t work at all. The problem is simply that the levels are too low. Leslie Baumann, MD and director of cosmetic dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine, reports that you actually need 14 times the level normally found in face powder.

Concerns About Blocked Pores

Consumers with oily skin or who are prone to acne may naturally worry that a separate sunscreen will cause breakouts. However, this doesn’t have to be a concern. Baumann recommends using a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to protect your skin. Karen Houpt, MD and professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, suggests using a sunscreen of SPF 15 to prevent the flaking that might occur with higher SPF levels.

Cover All the Exposed Skin

The other problem with SPF makeup is that it doesn’t go on all the exposed skin. This leaves your neck and throat at risk for burning, and the tops of your ears. If you are wearing a scoop neck sweater on a fall day, then even the back of your neck could be exposed to the sun’s harmful radiation. When applying your sunscreen, take the time to cover the ears, neck and throat.

Special SPF Eye Creams are Good

While you cannot trust your SPF makeup alone to protect you, you should invest in SPF 15 eye creams. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that these cream will help you avoid burning around the eyes without causing any burning sensations.

Powder is a Good Thing

While the experts cringe at the thought that you might rely solely on makeup to prevent burning your face, they say that powder does serve an important purpose. A final coat of powder does more than absorb oil during the day. It also helps set the sunscreen and moisturizer in place for extra protection.

SPF Lip Glosses

You can now buy SPF lipstick or gloss with SPF 15 or even higher. These are a good choice, but the experts suggest using an opaque shade for maximum protection. Whether you like gloss or colored lipstick, this simple step will help protect your lips throughout the year.

The experts at the National Cancer Foundation also remind you to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Ultra Violet A (long-wave) rays will go through glass, so you can get a little too much sun even if you are protected in your car or your office. Protect your beautiful skin and lower your risk of skin cancer by using sunscreen religiously, particularly on your lovely face.

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