How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and what better time to crack on with some home improvements? Whether you’re wanting to make your home look its best for a sale or you just want to have a good spruce up for the spring season, here are a few tips to help you prioritise tasks for making your home look great.

Spring Cleaning

This season brings in the start of warmer temperatures which make you feel much more like doing a little graft than in the depths of the icy winter. Let’s start with the cosmetic improvements you can make.


This might include getting rid of a few unwanted items of furniture. Try selling online for collection only and ask for cash to save you going through sites that take a percentage and rely on you for postage and packaging.

Excess clothing that clog up your wardrobe and have sat unworn on coat hangers for months. It’s worth noting that charity shops take donations of ‘rags’ which means unsellable goods, like stained or damaged fabrics – they will get paid by weight for these so do a good deed and donate rather than sending your waste to landfill.

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Small Improvements

Start with the odd jobs around the house that have been niggling away in the back of your mind over winter. Get at unsightly chipped paint or torn wallpaper with a fresh layer for an instant refresh of your interior. Check your fixtures and fittings are all in working order and replace or repair those that aren’t. Most cosmetic damage can be fixed with minimal effort and a little know-how.

Check all your appliances are working as they should be – your boiler especially. If your boiler starts to pack up later in the year, it can get costly for end-of-year budgeting. Nip any problems in the bud and you’ll save yourself hassle.


If you have a garden and you want to make it look tip top, rather than a tip, make sure any garden debris is removed from the lawn or the driveway. Fallen leaves can be a safety hazard and just look unsightly so instead of painstakingly raking the leaves back every day, save time try out a leaf blower, from a place like SGS Engineering for instance. They’re also handy for clearing out gutters and hard to reach rooftops. Spring is the best time to plant flowers, for a splash of cheerful colour. Get down to your local garden centre for advice on the best plants.

You’ll breath a breath of fresh air once you’ve had a good spring clean and your house will too.

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