Panic Attack Disorder; Agoraphobia, Symptoms, Causes and Management.

Have you ever been faced by a “threat” and you instantly felt a cold chill, felt like your blood stopped in your veins, and probably the only one in your immediate surrounding who was scared? You could be suffering from a panic disorder. This too is one of the anxiety disorders.

Having an unexplained fear of the surroundings or particular situations can be diagnosed as panic disorder.  Having unfounded fears that a building will collapse, that a bridge will break apart and there is no prediction or suggestion of such an occurrence or meeting a person from a group you probably have stereotyped and feeling all fearful; could be that you are suffering from panic disorder.

Whenever these unfounded fears that you have are accompanied by you sweating profusely, feeling all dizzy or fainting or just your heart pounding without any physical activity, then it is time to have medical help. You probably have a panic disorder.

Panic attacks disordersAn incident such as theft or mugging could result in you developing a panic disorder. Although you could say this has founded grounds, it is not always the case. You may never have been mugged or robbed and probably never will but the perception that anyone walking straight towards you has ill intentions will cause its development. This could result in you panicking every time you encounter a situation that fits your perceived characteristics.

There are those who fear their surroundings, always imagining the worst that could happen. Such fears of the surroundings could become more profound such that the person cannot stand being in their perceived presence. Having the fear of open spaces, whereby being outside of their comfort zones becomes a challenge. This fear of open spaces is known as agoraphobia.

Panic attacks usually begin in early adulthood. They can occur at any time, not necessarily triggered by a physical incident. Panic disorder moments usually last about 10 minutes. Usually, those who suffer from this anxiety disorder know that their fears are unfounded and ridiculous. In their personal pursuit to recover or manage their health predicament, panic disorder patients may end up being depressed.

Some of the things you should avoid if you experience panic attacks include substance use. Using alcohol or other drug substances only leads to other health disorders.

You should also try to avoid the fear of facing your fears. Yes, in the treatment of panic disorder, this is usually part of the therapy procedure. You should try moving out of your comfort zone and into your feared surrounding.  Take small risks, your fears are anyway unfounded; there is probably nothing that will harm you.

You should also avoid surrounding yourself with people or content that reminds or trigger your panic attacks. Associate yourself with people who motivate you to confront and conquer yourself. As much as patients of panic disorder may realize they have a problem, they need much help to manage and recover from this anxiety disorder.

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