Painless Body Art: The New Rave!

Tattoos have been a popular form of expression since ancient history with intricate designs being showcased in an assortment of ways. While some were used as something decorative, others were utilized for medicinal purposes, or to show their importance and ranking in life.

Presently, body art can come in a variety of forms and permanent ink is no longer the only option.

Painless Tattoo Art

Body art is an extension of an individual’s form of fashion sense. It can also be used as a way to express one’s religious beliefs, love for another or the fond memory of a loved one who has passed. Tattoo art has come a long way since ancient times, and the permanent variety is waning in popularity. Temporary tattoos are the current rage because they lack permanence. If you want to change your look for the evening, you can choose a different design and location.

For special events such as a wedding, prom or graduation, you can even select something eye-catching and flashy. Tribal designs, flowery arrangements and customized creations are just a few of the tattoos people today are sporting. Popular fake tattoo adornments can even resemble jewelry such as earrings, watches, bracelets and necklaces. Well-known designers and famous stars such as Beyonce have even come out with their own line of temporary tattoo art.

Timeless Body Art

There are other intricate ways of body expressionism such as toe art, clip on earrings and nail designs. Because permanent ink can be extremely painful, depending on the area that you’re decorating, you’ll find that people are looking toward less painful methods of body expression. For example, toe designs are painless and totally customizable.

Today’s timeless treasures include French pedicures, toe stickers and artistic designs. The same can be said for nail art. Nails adorned in jewels and gold dust have become extremely popular. Some people even go so far as to decorate their nails with a popular sporting team or word inscription. These fashionable options are achieved without pain and are virtually safe during and after application.

Another form of timeless body art is pierced ears, and because this method is permanent you have to be a certain age to get it done. People of all ages can express themselves with clip-on earrings. Large or small, the designs are popular with both genders. Some enjoy a gold or diamond setting, while others choose to select something more ornate such as a glittery creation to adorn the ears. Fashionable clips can even be attached the upper part of the ear lobe for special occasions.

Painless Body Art: The New Rave!Latest Fads

While traditional methods of body art are fine for some, there are those who are interested in taking things further with body glitter and paint. Body glitter is ideal for a special evening out at a club or at a trendy party with friends. For those looking for something flashier, body painting is all the rage. Salons and malls typically house body artists who are constantly inundated with teens and young adults who are seeking painted-on roses and daisies, which are just a few of the popular items to hit this new summer trend.
Body art has evolved over the years and painless forms of expressionism are the hottest trends at present. Between temporary tattoos and body glitter, you have an assortment of ways to make your own fashion statement.





Trendsetter Nickey Williams is a fan of changeable body art. is an intricate part of the custom fake tattoo industry, and makes trendy body art statements painless things to enjoy.

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