Overweight and Over fat; Preventing and Managing Obesity Causes.

You have overly heard that one is overweight or has excess fat.

Have you ever wondered what those two terms; overweight and over fat  mean from a medical or health professional perspective? What about being obese and/or being called fat? Then there are those people who have loosely hanging fat folds around their waists and arms.

Here we look at what you should know and what you should do in each case.

What is being overweight and or over fat?

Overweight is where the body composition considered as the amount of fat versus lean body mass is within the recommended range although it is above the average of the age and height of the person. Lean body mass is composed of the muscles, tissues, bones and other organs in your body.
Overweight and Over fat; Preventing and Managing Obesity CausesOver fat is where the amount of fat exceeds the amount of lean body mass.

Being obese is where you are 20 percent above the desirable and health recommended weight.

Now, being overweight does not have fatal health complications but being over fat has. Excess body fat is attributed to the development of health problems such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

Why should you be concerned?

It is recommended that body fat in adult women range about 20 percent and 15 percent in adult men, with a variation of 5 percent still considered healthy. This is the ratio on your lean body mass; remember.

Fat does not turn and is not muscle.  That is a myth, do not get misinformed.  Having more fat and thus a huger radius around your arms does not mean you have muscles.

There are several factors that lead to overweight and over fat.

Here are the causes with how to avoid them.

  1. Religiously monitor you dieting habits. As much as this is one of the causes of being overweight or over fat, it is also one of the most effective ways of preventing and managing overweight or over fat conditions. Gaining or losing weight depends on the amount of calories that you consume and your body uses. This is referred to as energy balance. To lose weight, you need to combine both consumption of and usage of calories instead of one or the other. Dieting is not healthy. It’s a myth that eating makes us fat. The idea of using dieting as a way to lose excess weight or fat actually does your health more harm than good. Dieting without eating does result in the loss of valuable body tissue and fat. When we diet we deprive the body of all things healthy it needs to work at optimum level. In this case, the body eats muscle to get the nutrients it is lacking. This is part of the weight we lose. This is exactly why diets don’t work for long-term effects. Always strive to eat a variety of low-calorie and nutritional diets in moderate servings. Avoid fast foods and rather include plenty of vegetables, whole grains and fruits in your dieting program. If you do not have a choice and thus have to eat at a fast food outlet, insist on salads and grilled foods but in moderate servings.  Avoid sugar and salt intake as they have empty calories that only lead to an over fat condition.
  2. Exercise regularly. Exercising regularly and as recommended increases the lean body mass and decreases the bad fat. Exercise helps the body make sure that stored fat is used instead of the lean body mass. Muscles that are not exercised are lost, slowly used by the body, and that is not a myth.  Practicing aerobic activities on the regular should do well to you, they are simple, comfortable and effective too. If you decide to go hard, choose a healthy weight loss program that you are comfortable with.
  3. There is no health hazard number three. Just make sure your dietary habits and physical exercise programs are healthy, they determine whether you become over fat and overweight or underweight or stay healthy.  everything else that can result in being overweight or over fat will be eliminated by these two health practices.

Take note :

  • Diets are not healthy. The healthier way to get rid of the fat is Nutritional Cleansing. Fat is created to protect body from toxins and impurities creating unwanted weight.
  • Dieting: Calorie cutting and/or exercising results in fat loss increasing toxic density. This results in rebounding as toxic overload trigger’s the body’s to create fat; weight is regain.
  • Cellular Cleansing: Removes toxins from the body, creates lean muscle, and melts away excess fat. Maintaining nutritional balance keeps the body naturally lean while cleansing manage toxins.

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